1. Governmental reaction:-

If a government of a nation makes it difficult for crypt currency to be utilized, that certainly will put a cramp on its value, especially if there’s a possibility that others will copy. By the same token, a government that accepts crypto and boasts of how its use has actually been a financial boon to the country and its citizens will likely drive the value of the market up.

2. Banks and financial institutions:-

Large, existing financial institutions like banks and credit card companies represent both the biggest opportunity and the greatest hindrance to crypto currency adoption. If these entities can peacefully co-exist with crypto, perhaps even adopting it in some form, values across the board should rise. By contrast, banks and credit card companies putting the clampdown on the buying of crypto by its customers, as has happened recently, will have an adverse effect for sure.

3.Vendors on board:-

Something that is generally positive for crypto currency value is when large, well-known or famous companies announce that they are accepting certain digital coins as currency. Whether it’s a restaurant chain or a hotel company or even an online retailer, these businesses help to legitimize crypto currency in the eyes of

4.Trading platforms:-

Something that really gave a boost to crypto-currency values was the announcement that several trading exchanges that deal with traditional assets ie stocks or bonds would also be taking orders for digital coins. Whether that progress continues or stagnates will go a long way to determining the value of crypto currency in all its forms.

Keep an eye out for developments in these areas to determine whether or not crypto currency will take a jump or a dive at any given time. And be ready to hang in there for the long haul, because it seems like this technology has long-term growth potential even as it is extremely volatile in the short term.

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