Developing a personal brand is very important for the success of your career and your development as a leader. However, nowadays it has lost most of its attention as people irresponsibly use Social Media for branding purposes as they believe that Social Media is the key to increase the relevancy and market value of the brand, instead of recognizing that the procedure of developing a brand is actually a huge responsibility and a continuous task that is extended well beyond the Social Media.
We are a branding agency, Creative Group Studios, and we take branding as a full time commitment to the journey of introducing our clients as a leader and presenting before their target audience that what are they capable of delivering to the society they are serving. We completely understand that managing any brand requires to be a great role model or a voice that others can depend upon and that’s why, everyday, we have to deliver up to a standard of expectation that we have set forth for ourselves and our clients.

For you to understand what we believe in, here we are stating five basic factors that you must be aware of as they are actually the components of any comprehensive brand strategy that can effectively help you to keep a brand alive for a fairly long time

• Purpose:
Every brand makes a promise, but in the market, where the budgetary vigilance is high and confidence of customers is rather low, it’s not only a promise that can out shine a brand from others, but having a solid and defining purpose. Creative Group Studios first understands your specified purpose and then uses it as a differentiator between the brand and its competitors while marketing your brand.

• Consistency:
Consistency can is achieved by avoiding discussion the things that do not relate to the brand as when you are giving your brand a platform to stand upon, you’ve got to be sure that your message is cohesive and contributes to the brand recognition.
Our advertising strategy focuses the consistency to avoid leaving the potential customers (of our clients) to struggle while putting the disconnected pieces of our clients’ business together.

• Flexibility:
It is a fast changing world and marketers need to remain flexible to ensure relevancy and this can be amazing as it lets you to be creative with your campaigns. Remember that flexibility doesn’t contradict with consistency, which actually aims to set the standard of the brand and flexibility is about making adjustments to build interest along with distinguishing your approach from your competition.
Our branding strategy possesses enough consistency to be recognizable and identifiable, but also enough variation to keep things human.

• Competitive Awareness:
For your brand strategy improvement, you have to take the competition as a challenge as this creates a greater value to your name. You happen to be in a same business and chasing the same audience, so you better watch what they do.
At Creative Group Studios, we do stay in tune with the strategies of your competitors, but we don’t let them dictate our every move as we make sure to make your brand unique and significantly keep the differentiation.

• Loyalty:
If you already have customers that trust you and your brand, then you should reward them for that love. They go out of their way to act as your brand ambassadors by writing about your brand and telling their friends about it. When you are cultivating the loyalty from these people, you are actually yielding more returning customers for sure.

Author's Bio: 

I am from a beautiful country called Colombia.

Hardworking, passionate about the advertising industry, and has higher levels of customer engagement. She has worked with some of the largest corporations such as Hard Rock, Carnival Cruise, Atlantis, Reebok CrossFit, Staples, Sandal's, Ed-Hardy, Etc.

I am happily married with 2 precious kids, the loves of my life. I could truly say I am living the American dream doing what I love best.
Between my husband and I we been able to work in the industry we love most "advertising".