Every year, thousands of people are injured in car accidents. The first thing you should do, contact and talk with a car accident lawyer. Because a good car accident lawyer can help with this problem. No matter who is wrong and right in the accident. I am living in Atlanta, state of Georgia - USA. And we have a lot of reputed and trusted Atlanta car accident lawyer services providers to get help. Unfortunately, the facts of a personal injury case can sometimes be obscured by juror perceptions. Your car accident attorney understands this and will take measures to ensure that the facts of your injury accident are not lost in this way.

Juror Perceptions

Perhaps you should not be altogether surprised by the fact that jurors can be influenced by matters other than the evidence of a personal injury case. The human factor of court cases is that we as people can be very subjective in our thinking. Your car accident lawyer will then need to assess how factors in your case may be considered subjectively by jurors and remind them of the real evidence.

Some Specific Factors That Can Influence Jury Perception

Several factors that can affect the way jurors see evidence are when collision damage is minimal; when the defendant is likeable; and when you, the plaintiff, tend to leave an unfavourable impression, whether by personality or demeanour.

Collision damage

Physical damage to an automobile does not have to be substantial for the victim to have suffered the injury. However, if your vehicle sustained only superficial damage, jurors are going to be inclined to think that you cannot have been as badly hurt as you claim. Your car accident attorney should obtain all photographs of the accident scene and copies of your medical reports. Photographs are important as another involved vehicle may have sustained greater damage, thus substantiating your claim that the accident caused you more than a minor injury. Medical reports, by the same token, represent objective information about your injuries from a disinterested party;

The defendant's likeability

The defendant may leave jurors with a favourable impression. Jurors may have a difficult time seeing him as one whose negligence could have caused your injuries. However, most defendants--and people in general, for that matter--have both good and bad qualities. A strong attorney for the plaintiff will guide jurors away from prejudicial thinking and help them to see that it is a matter not of the person's character, but his actions at the time of the accident; and

Your own appeal

You, on the other hand, may not present yourself very well to the court. Perhaps you are tired and in pain, which causes you to be irritable. You also may be very nervous and possibly a bit shy. In some instances where a plaintiff's lack of appeal may jeopardize a case, a lawyer might suggest settling with the insurance company rather than going to court.

Work With an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, it is important that you seek out legal assistance to ensure your rights are protected. Call a car accident attorney to arrange a consultation.

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