Brain memory loss can be categorized into two main groups. One is the non-reversible, which is mainly due to old age and the other is a group of reversible causes.

Non reversible cause


Memory loss occurs in old age because of several inevitable factors including those related with the process of growth. This is because there is reduction in production of the hormones that protect, repair brain cells together with those that stimulate neural growth. A second reason for memory loss at this age is caused by a decline in blood flowing into the brain, therefore, affecting memory and cognitive skills.

Reversible causes

These are causes influenced by an individual's all-round factors in life, including health, surroundings and lifestyle. As the name suggests, it is therefore important for one to keep these factors under check to keep the memory loss at bay. This is because sometimes unrecognizable memory loss can lead to an irreversible state of mind. Here are some:

Vitamin B12 deficiency and Side effects of medication: Vitamin B12 is responsible for protection of the neurons, hence, the core of brain functioning in a proper way. Lack of it may lead to a dangerous situation and even the brain can be damaged permanently.

However, if this problem of deficiency in B12 is addressed early during growth, it is possible to reverse the situation of memory loss. To solve Vitamin B12 deficiency, monthly injections are available. In addition, it is important when one is taking any prescribed medication, to stick to the physician's or doctor's advice.

Violation of the given guidelines leads to either overdose or taking the wrong combinations and consequently, side effects such as memory loss and cognitive problems arise. Drugs such as sleeping pills, painkillers, antihistamines, anti-anxiety meds and blood are just but a few examples of the drugs that can affect on when taken in overdose or wrong combination.

Dehydration. Dehydration is lack of enough water in the body systems. This condition causes, among other effects, loss of memory and other denentiatic factors. It is, therefore, important for one to drink enough water at an average of at least 8 glasses per day.

In particular, older people and other people suffering from other ailments such as diabetes, diarrhea should strictly take as much water as possible.

Depression. Depression makes a person lose interest and concentration. It is possible for an adult to self examine him/herself for memory loss diagnosis. Such experiences like forgetting a serious medical appointment, loss of a close person and other major happenings point out to such problems.

Alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse, just like drug overdose is harmful to the brain and may lead to brain loss. Continuous abuse of alcohol leads to severe cases like dementia. Those who drink and smoke are in a risk to face more serious state. In fact, doctors advise that alcohol intake should be limited to a minimum of two drinks per day or eliminated completely.

Thyroid problems. Metabolism rate is controlled by the thyroid gland. Higher metabolic rate than normal leads to a person experiencing confusion and slower metabolism leads to depression and sluggishness.

All these problems mentioned above caused loss of brain memory and concentration.

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