In recent times we have been noticing a surge in demand for commercial janitorial services. Currently as the industry is witnessing a boom with an increasing number of commercial and non-profit making organisations seeking cleaning services, the choices of janitorial service providers are growing. However, it seems that a majority of clients are confused when it comes to settling for a suitable rate as the question continues “what is the best price for commercial cleaning services?”

When the price is based on various determining factors 

On an average, the rates for commercial cleaning vary with company offerings. Deciding finally upon a fair price on commercial cleaning in Wollongong might appear like an extensive task. However, there are several vital factors which are responsible for influencing the price tag of janitorial services. Go on further to find what all factors determine the charges of commercial janitorial services: 

Location size 

The estimated area is a key determinant which will reveal an approximate price for the janitorial service. There have been instances where commercial cleaning companies have rendered quotes based on per square foot area of which needs to be covered. Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if you receive quotes depending upon the hours of work. This on the other hand means, the bigger the area the greater will be the investment. 

Timeframe for accomplishing a commercial cleaning job 

Most of the cleaning companies in Wollongong will charge their clients based on the timeframe required for them to finish the job. When hiring a janitorial service provider ask them to avoid working hours, since it will take the worker unnecessary time trying to manage their work with your employees around. Hence the costs will naturally go up. 

The number of areas which need a clean up

Settling for a fair quote will appear a bit easier this time. Most of the time the commercial cleaning companies offer a quote based on the number of windows, bathrooms and pantries encompassing the space. Remember these are vital areas which demand more efforts to clean. Hence the price for cleaning the bathroom, pantry and windows will be significantly higher. Meanwhile, spaces like the waiting room, hallways and office are relatively cheaper to clean. If you suddenly chance upon a quote your neighbouring commercial building owner received and find out it’s slightly lower than what you got, straight away consider the floor plan or layout of the particular site. Chances are they have a lesser number of complicated zones to clean. 

How many cleaning tasks are required? 

Prices for office cleaning in Wollongong fairly depend upon the number of cleaning jobs which need to be accomplished on a single visit. Generally the higher the number, the greater will be a quote. In most of the cases services go beyond standard tasks like sweeping, mopping or disposal of trash. Cleaners will even take charge of responsibilities like wiping surfaces of appliances and machines, washing dirty dishes or sinks and restocking the toilet paper. The greater the number of responsibilities the higher they will charge. 

Other factors 

Besides there are other factors to determine the cost of a commercial janitorial service which are as follows: 


When the competition is high in a given area, the rates are competitive. 

Cost of living near a location 

Sometimes the rates for janitorial services are influenced by the cost of living near a particular location. You will be charged more if the costs of living at your given location are high. 

Will they provide cleaning supplies? 

You can considerably lower the costs of office cleaning services for your commercial set-up in Wollongong once you get your own cleaning supplies. 

These are a majority of strong determinants which influence the quote offered by a reliable commercial cleaning company. Talk to the company’s support service executives for more details.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a commercial cleaning company in Wollongong. In recent times the author has been shedding considerable light on related matters.