The Internet is replete with innumerable benefits that aid modern living. One can now communicate and stay in touch with a friend or family member, in real time, from across the globe. Internet banking and shopping has taken off and considerably improved their services and security offering significant conveniences for everyone. But on the flipside, the Internet can also bring security risks that can increase exponentially if you do not make sure that you protect yourself from the prevailing threats online; especially since it’s as simple as installing the latest antivirus software.

There are various factors that impact internet security but if you have the latest antivirus protection program installed in your computer system, then it will keep you safe and secure from the security threats that come almost on a daily basis via internet.

Listed below are some factors that internet security:


Spyware is a collective term that includes malware threats such as Trojans, adware, pop-up advertisement, modified cookies, key-logger and the like. Spyware does not include virus threats which are engineered to replicate themselves rather than spying or stealing information from computer systems. Basically spyware is configured in a certain manner to keep an eye on your online activities and uncover the security flaws. And that t is the first and foremost step in ensuring that your computer system is ready for stealing the vital information. With the help of spyware, computer hackers can steal sensitive information from your computer system—such as email and social networking user-ids and passwords, banking information, etc. And to keep your system safe and secure from spyware you must avoid free anti-spyware as many times it has been seen that most of the free anti-spyware programs turn out to be a spyware itself.

Spam Mail

Spam mails are not very dangerous; however, some of them may contain malicious links to websites and have some sort of embedded virus threats made using java-script or other similar programs. Once you click to browse or download (only if it contains downloadable files) your system can get severely affected with the embedded virus or even a spyware. And to avoid getting into these kinds of trap you must use the latest virus protection program along with the trusted email websites like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc., as they provide protection from spam mails by giving warning message as soon as you try to open an email from the spam or junk mail box.

Identity Theft

Hackers can steal sensitive information like credit/debit card details using numerous methods; and once they get access to it, they will use it for making online purchases using your credit/debit card details. In this situation only a well known antivirus software can protect you as most of the popular virus protection software comes with amazing features like offline scanning and protection, detects advanced threats, protects all emails from viruses, protects archived files and perform deep scans.

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