Everyone knows that e-commerce is a vital part of the current market and will continue to be central for a long, long time. It is because of the sheer convenience it has come to offer to customers, who are the foundation of the entire concept. And yet, customer experience with e-commerce continues to be dismal. One would think that a concept that is part of the concept's foundation would have been perfected by now, but that is far from reality. Unfortunately, often customers will abandon cart when they are a click away from completing the purchase. Cart abandonment, one of the critical problems e-commerce entities struggle with, can be ascribed to a variety of factors; but it primarily comes down to poor customer experience.

Perhaps, the website didn't appropriately adapt to the user's mobile device, or maybe the checkout process was taking too long. The reasons can be many, but it is all about the same fundamental concept: Customer experience. Though a seemingly complicated endeavor, even for an industry like e-commerce, the fact remains that not getting it right has severe consequences for the business—loss of sales, poor business performance, growth stagnation, and so much more. The point is poor customer experience can cripple an e-commerce business, so, to help you avoid that situation, we put together a list of issues that take a toll on customer experience and how you can fix it.

1. Necessitating account creation to buy: One of the most important things to a customer's experience is convenience and that convenience is lost when you compel users to sign up before allowing them to complete a purchase. Doing the same in a physical store would be deemed a cardinal sin. So, allow them to proceed with guest checkout and perhaps offer to create an account based on the guest account details automatically.

2. Lack of payment options: Payment options, much like people, is varied and so is their usage. So, asking people to choose from just a handful of options or perhaps not offering a choice at all is one of the quickest ways to lose a customer. It can be avoided by merely offering a variety, allowing customers to choose the one they prefer or the one they find the most convenient.

3. Poor search capabilities: The new age customer neither has the time nor the desire to spend more than just a few minutes to look for what they want. And if your offering's search capability is not intuitive, you will lose many customers and very quickly at that. This conundrum can be remedied by the use of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more to help deliver a smart site search tool for customers.

Not only customers themselves, but even countless research reports will tell you that good customer experience is vital for any e-commerce business' sustained growth. And if you wish to achieve it too, be sure to engage a reliable name for ecommerce development company services.

Author's Bio: 

Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software.