Overseas Education is an interesting opportunity for students who want to get the most out of education by not only studying in different locations but also from a higher level of education. While the thought of studying abroad is exciting, for a lot of students, it mostly ends up being confusing because of the variety of choices that present themselves, especially when it comes to choosing a country to study in. The output is much greater because the curriculum challenges students to develop new skills and deal with the ever evolving environment in which the student is placed in. Every student that has a desire to study abroad has to do a fair share of research beginning with the choice of country to the course and finances.
Before choosing where to study abroad, there are a few recommended areas that a student should research on. To simplify this process, here are a few examples of key areas to be mindful about:

1. Visa Regulations:

While deciding which country to study in, a factor that should definitely be considered are the visa regulations the country currently has in effect. Visa regulations differ from country to country, for some countries, the visa regulation and process may be more strict while in some countries, the regulations are more relaxed and easier to get through. A student could consider countries for which there is no visa required or one where there is a small nominal fee. It all depends on the type of course the student wants to pursue. A few factors that countries usually consider include age and educational background, finances, language skills and intended degree course. There are also different restrictions on how long a student can stay in the country before and after the course and whether a student work during or after a degree.

2. Language -

Another important and crucial factor is language. Students should choose a country based on the languages the student speaks. Interaction is key while studying abroad and not being proficient in the languages spoken will be a problem to the student. If the student can, he/she should try learning a new language to help them be effective communicators. For countries where English is not widely spoken, it is advisable for students to learn the local language and in most cases, the universities have language classes as a part of their curriculum. This proves to be very effective in the future.

3. Costs and Duration

Finances are the backbone of Education Abroad as it plays a vital and crucial role in the entire process. Based on their finances, student can select courses and countries that are affordable. Students often apply for student aid and scholarships to help reduce the cost and pressure on finances.

4. University and Course -

The main areas of consideration for studying abroad is choosing the University and course which is best suited for the student. Students mostly shortlist at least 3 universities and based on what's the most beneficial to them, students make their choice. Apart from the university, Students have to select the course they want to specialize in. The student should compare universities and choose the one that has the most output which will directly have an impact on their future careers.The duration of the course is also very important. Different countries offer the same courses for a lesser number of years. The longer the course, more is the cost of living and tuition. Hence students choose quicker courses that have the same qualifications.

5. Career Opportunities -

Students have to consider what their scope of employment is after the course they are studying is completed. The students have to decide if they wish to study in that country after the course is completed or come back to India and pursue a job here. Most degrees have a higher value in India depending on the University at which the degree was completed in. The future career prospects of the students plays a vital role in the selection of the course and country.

Being an International Student exposes you to a sea of possibilities that teaches students the fundamentals of responsibility and making calculated decisions for the best results. The factors mentioned above have to be carefully considered as every step is crucial in this journey of Education Abroad.

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