The important question before developing any application is the feature that makes the app a successful one. There are many programming languages that can be used for developing a perfect app. There are many web application development company that use this programming language to make the perfect app.

Node.js and Golang

Node.js is known o be a programming language for developing mobile apps but actually, it is a cross-platform environment. Some of its important features are Robust stack technology, caching, highly, extensible, Fast event model and processing, and data streaming which is real-time.

Golang is also a famous programming langue which is also known as Google Go or Go. It is a cross-platform, open-source language for programming. It is also having some important features like Clean coding, faster and simple development, Cross-compiling, Scalability, and garbage collection.

These were some of the important features of Node.js and Golang and so people might get confused about which technology to choose for developing their perfect application as both are having many important features. So a comparison among the factors of both the technology will clear the doubts.

Considering factors for Node.js vs Golang comparison

The factors that must be considered while establishing a comparison between these two technologies are given below-

Both Node.js as well as Golang made their appearance together in the same year, but it can be said that Golang is more matured and decent in nature. The main reason for this the working of Node.js with various APIs and these APIs may go through continual changes.

When the point is about performance it can be said that Go is better than Node.js. The slower response time as well as lower time fr app loading makes Go as the best tool for backend development. Execution of code in the case of Node.js takes more time when compared to that of Go and this is because Node.js relies on JavaScript. In the case of raw performance for CPU and memory-bound tasks, Go is far better now.

Scalability and Concurrency

The instructions are executed in a normal sequence as it is a single-threaded platform. So this might create challenges for developers when making large apps having huge scaling as well as executing the different processes at the same time. But in the case of Golang, the concurrency offered is better and helps the developers to work with multiple threads and that also without using much RAM.

Developer tools

The ready-made solutions which the Node.js is having decrease the time as well as the cost of developing the perfect app for the client. A standard comprehensive library is there for Go or Golang with features that act with third-party independently and so the number of tools is less is Go when compared to Node.js. So Node.js is better than Golang here. So Node.js development company plays a great role in providing the perfect developers who are having basic knowledge about the developer's tools.


In the case of deployment, Go offers better terms of deployment when compared to Node.js. the main reason is that Node.js is having the requirement to install NPM or Node Package Manager to run effectively. There is no requirement for any locale when the developers are using Go. The binary that has been generated from Go or Golang has dropped to the server automatically. So the developers prefer Golang instead of Node.js

Handling errors

Both the platforms that is Node.js as well as Golag plays a role in delivering optimal solutions. Node.js basically follows the technique of “Try... catch” which is a traditional technique. In this method, the error is caught just at the moment of occurring. In the case of Golang, explicit error handling is followed that is handling error during the flow of program code in a uniform manner. Hire Node.js developers who will provide you with your perfect project.

Community support

A widespread community is present in the case of Node.js which is vibrant open-source in nature. Various contributors are present in this community and they are from many famous brands like PayPal, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, GoDaddy, etc. However, in the case of Golang, the community is much smaller.


This is the feature that makes Golang the best choice for development in the case of the server-side. The Golang helps the developers in enabling them for generating binaries that can have execution on different OS using few commands which are simple in nature. In other easy words, it can be said that Golang can be run in other machines without installation and run smoothly because of cross-compilation.


These were some of the major comparisons. Now depending on your project, you will hire dedicated developers in India who can fulfill your requirements. So both Node.js and Golang are effective but one of them is superior to others depending on the requirement of the project.

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