If you have just gotten engaged and are looking through various Pretoria wedding venues it is important that you know what to look out for. This will save you a lot of time which would have been spent going through a lot of venues. It will also help to ensure that you and your guests are well taken care off during the event.

Before embarking on your search for the perfect location, you need to agree with your partner about what you want. Share ideas and even list down some of the features that you would like the venue to have. It is also important at this point to determine what the central theme of the ceremony would be as this will set the tone for the whole ceremony, location included.

Another factor you need to think about is whether you want a church ceremony or a civil ceremony. You can opt to have the reception at the same place where the marriage ceremony was conducted or you can have the reception at a different place. Just keep in mind that the reception should not be located too far away especially if transport would be a problem for guests. Inform the guest early about where the ceremonies will be held so that they come prepared and know where they are expected to be.

Agree on how much you can afford to spend on the venue. You may want to include the cost of food and drinks on the cost of the venue since some places provide a package deal. If the bill is too high, you can opt to have your guests pay for their own drinks, especially if they will be having alcoholic beverages.

Find a place that your guests can easily get to. This means finding a place where transport is easily accessible. It should also be easy for anyone who is elderly or disabled to access the location of the ceremony. If it is a building, ensure that there are rumps or lifts in working order. It should also be affordable for the guests to get to the location. For example, a location out of town will require that guests also budget for accommodation.

The earlier you book your location the better. This is because you can afford to take time and find good bargains. It is also easier to find a location that is still available if you book way in advance. This should be some months or even a year before the actual date of the ceremony. Find out if there will be other events taking place at the same venue on the same day as your ceremony. This will help you organize yourself properly to avoid interference from any other events.

Ensure that the photography for the bridal team will take place close to where the main even will be held. This is to avoid wasting too much time in traffic or on the road as your guests are waiting for you. Find out if the venue you have chosen also has a good photography spot.

Asking for help when looking for Pretoria wedding venues is also advisable. Talk to professionals who can help you find what is suitable for you. Talk to wedding planners or find online help from websites that have a listing of some good places to check out.

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