The type of air conditioning installation is constantly upgrading. From window AC installation to split AC installation, the design and model have changed a lot over the years. The AC installation process and techniques also vary from one service provider to another. When you call a professional service, there are certain factors that you must be considerate about. 

If you want to make the best decision regarding aircon installation, check these factors to look out for an effective installation process.

  • Quality of the product

Professional service providers can help you with top-notch quality aircon installation in Brisbane. Buying a quality product installation includes checking the cooling capacity, the settings of the adjustable thermostat and other specification to determine its quality effectively.

  • Energy-efficiency

Generally, the measure of energy efficiency of an aircon is done by EER or energy efficiency ratio. If the rate of EER is high, the AC is energy efficient. According to professional services air conditioning installation in Brisbane has to be eco-friendly with keeping the temperature, fan speed, overall energy consumption in check.

  • Choosing the right size

Only a professional service can tell you the exact size of the aircon installation. If the aircon is too small for a room’s dimension, then the air circulation will get obstructed. Professional expert providers determine the dimension of a room and install an AC as per the power consumption capacity of the room.

  • Choosing the right corner

Choose a corner in the house from where the air circulation works properly. While fixing the bracket, make sure the AC tilt in the right angle, select the height of the installation is in a moderate distance which is 7-8 cm for adequate cooling inside the room.

  • Right wiring installation:

Old, loose duct wiring tends to leak, and the cool air leaks up to 20%. In the time of installation, check if there is any unnecessary issue. The leakage protection of the duct must be done during the aircon installation. Make sure no wiring is exposed during the installation process.

Apart from these, keep a check on the spacing distance of both indoor and outdoor unit from the wall. Keep at least 15cm gap from the wall for proper airflow.

Is your Aircon installation service is insured? The insurance coverage assures you of guarantee coverage if any damage occurs during the installation process. Also, if anything happens after the installation, they will fix the problem as soon as possible. They are likely to cover the damage with insurance

  • Choose the correct location of the outdoor AC Unit:

Local installation service providers prioritise indoor unit installation more than the outdoor unit. However, the outdoor unit is exposed to all the natural calamities. If anything happens to the condenser fan or AC unit compressor, it will further disturb your peace of mind even after spending lots of money in the installation process.

Its better you keep checking on the outdoor unit installation process to get rid of the panics for maintenance later.

Are you hiring a professional, licensed service?

There are multiple factors to keep in mind before aircon installation, hire a licensed service to get it done as professionally as possible. Hire a reliable company who can assist you through the process with suitable system installation. Also, the advantageous part is they are time-efficient, trained and cost-effective.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a business for aircon installation in Brisbane. According to the author, to take certain factors in check during aircon installation, you need to hire a professional service in your locality.