In our modern world forced air heat is often a given when purchasing a home. However, many are not aware of the detrimental effects of using this type of heat. Electric space heaters and gas forced air heat both work like a hair dryer. They produce wasted, inefficient, uneven heat. The heat is also uncomfortable since it burns up oxygen content and humidity in your home. Most people would agree that oxygen deprivation causes fatigue, dry itchy skin, dry eyes and bell test chamber snoring. Even worse, carbon monoxide byproducts are suspended in your breathing space, and the icing on the cake is unnecessary increased heating costs.

One alternative to hot, burning heat is the soft, heavenly heat of an infrared heater. The EdenPURE portable infrared heater has been proven to be remarkably efficient due to its scientific use of the specially developed safe infrared heat chambers utilizing unique patented solid copper heat exchangers. Over 25 years of research and field testing stand behind the EdenPURE in residential and commercial applications worldwide. The best way to describe the system's potential is to first describe its benefits. The manufacturer has concentrated its design efforts around the three most important consumer benefits of any heating system: ECONOMY, COMFORT AND SAFETY. The resulting performance cannot be matched by any other systems on the market.

REDUCED ENERGY CONSUMPTION: The EdenPURE heating system used 35% less energy than a conventional electric furnace. When compared with today's spiraling gas, propane and fuel oil costs, the EdenPURE provides even greater savings.

HEAT NOT WASTED NEAR CEILING: Prevents wasteful air layering of the conventional heating systems.


LOWER MAINTENANCE COSTS: Virtually maintenance free. No furnace filters to clean or replace. Long life industrial infrared commercial tube quartz is replaced easily and inexpensively with a full three-year warranty.

DOES NOT REMOVE HUMIDITY FROM AIR: Helps maintain desirable humidity levels, while water does not readily collect on the windows as with conventional systems.

EVEN HEAT, WARMER FLOORS: Temperature difference from floor to ceiling is no more than 2 degrees F.

NO COMBUSTION, NO FUMES: Tests prove the unit does not transmit any energy into the atmosphere that will burn or harm anyone, regardless of distance between the person and the heating unit.

With the energy saved from the EdenPURE patented design, plus utilizing the EdenPURE as a portable zone furnace, you can achieve heat savings up to 50%. As an EdenPURE owner, I can environmental chamber manufacturers back up this claim. The savings is one thing, but benefits to my health have been priceless! HEALTH IS WEALTH!

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