Plastic surgery includes both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery that is provided to enhance the appearance and to correct physical defects. The various plastic surgery procedures come as a boon to people who are not happy with certain features of the body and wish to change them and improve their appearance. Reconstructive surgery is an ideal option for those who have suffered severe burns, sustained injury in some part of the body, or have unattractive birth marks or physical defects. The important consideration of course is the plastic surgeon. You need to find someone who is reliable, qualified and thoroughly experienced.

Cosmetic Surgery Options to Enhance Your Appearance

Reputable plastic surgeons in AAAASF accredited plastic surgery centers provide cosmetic surgery procedures utilizing the latest advanced body contouring devices. Any part of the body – the face, neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, legs – can all be improved with cosmetic surgery. At present, minimally invasive procedures that can be carried out under local anesthesia are available. This possibility has made cosmetic surgery more popular among men and women desiring a better body contour. The various cosmetic surgery options include:

•Blepharoplasty for the eyelids
•Rhinoplasty for the nose
•Genioplasty for the chin
•Breast augmentation
•Breast reduction
•Breast lift

The effective Smartlipo Triplex body contouring device is used for providing simple and safe, minimally invasive liposuction that ensures excess fat removal and artistic body contouring.

Reconstructive Surgery to Correct Physical Defects

Reconstructive surgery helps to restore the form and function of a damaged or disfigured body part.

•Ear reconstruction for microtia
•Cleft lip and palate correction
•Craniosynostosis surgery
•Mandibular distraction
•Surgery for Brachial plexus injury
•Breast reconstruction/DIEP Flap breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is recommended for women who have undergone mastectomy. The procedure benefits them by providing natural looking breasts and an improved self-esteem. Ear reconstruction surgery is provided for children with microtia, a congenital defect where the pinna (portion of the ear that is visible) does not develop fully. Cleft lip and palate is another congenital malformation that can also be corrected through reconstructive surgery. The surgery for brachial plexus injury restores the functions of movement, feeling and growth of the arm that are affected by the injury. Mandibular distraction is an advanced surgery provided to increase the size of the lower jaw and allowing it to grow in proportion with the rest of the face.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

The decision to undergo cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery is very personal and you need to consider the benefits that it can ensure you. But there are complications too that may come with the process, and such complications cannot be ignored. You need to discuss all your concerns regarding your procedure with your plastic surgeon. You also need to listen to the risks that are associated with the surgery, and then only you can decide if you want to go ahead with it. An experienced surgeon providing services from an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery facility can offer you excellent aesthetic results. With a reliable surgeon you can enjoy a safe and comfortable surgical experience.

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