Menopause Overview:

Menopause is a natural phenomenon which results from the loss of ovarian function. During menopause stage she loses her fertile ability. It occurs due to hormonal imbalances between the ages of 45 - 55. One has to suffer from various symptoms such as insomnia, hair thinning, migraines, weight gain and more. But can get rid of some symptoms by properly intake of healthy diet and taking rest whereas some of them require proper treatment.


Most of the women have to face several problems before the onset of their periods like mood swings, irregular periods, cramping and more. But once she experience menopause, she can say goodbye to these issues and enjoy her life without worrying about the cycles. Now you can enjoy your sexual life without any planning and without worrying about getting pregnant.


One has to undergo menopause stage due to the hormonal changes. Due to menopause one loses her ability to get fertile; it means onward she is unable to get pregnant.

All in all:

Menopause is also known as the end of menstruation. This is not a disease; it's a natural and unwanted phenomenon which occurs in every woman's life after the age of 45. And due to this she has to face several issues but they can be controllable. Now many products are also available in the market to get relief from the menopausal symptoms.

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