When it comes to surveying, it is described as the science of uncovering dimensions and contour of earths surface by measuring distance, direction, and elevation. This has been known to be hard to trace back to a specific time, however it is known as one of the oldest sciences. For you to effectively survey the earths surface, you will need various forms of equipment are used. The three basic components which are measured distance, angles, and elevation. There are different forms of equipment that are used to measure one or more of these different components. However finding out which tool will work for a specific component can be a little tricky for someone who doesn't have experience with surveying. However you can become familiar with these three basic tools.

One of the tools would include the Global Positioning System (GPS). The distance, direction, and difference in height between survey points is used. The GPS satellite measure distance electronically between survey points. In relation to automobiles using GPS technology, this is the most familiar technology. For the GPS tool to work, the GPS needs a direct line of sight to various satellites to effectively measure distance and direction properly.

Second of these surveying tools is Real Time Kinematic (RTK). This is a technique which is used in land surveying by use of Carrie phase measurements of GPS, and GLONASS signals where a single station provides real time connections. You will need satellites to compare a random signal with is sent with a copy of the same signal. But the signals do not line up properly, the signals are sent repeal until they eventually line up. You will see the delay in time in which it takes to reach the receiver. They can now calculate the distance of the satellite.

The last one would be the laser levels. With this one, they transmit beams of laser which are then used to find an elevation point where construction measurements may then take place. The single beam is the one that they will use to provide a string laser that projects in a vertical, horizontal, or inclined direction. There is the rotating type which provides a point of reference over all areas, these are important because of how precise they are.

Depending on the different kinds you are using, that is why surveying equipment is used. Whether you are using the RTK/GPS type equipment, or the GPS surveying equipment; the one thing you can count on is accuracy.

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Land is a very important asset that everyone could ever have. It is important to have it measured accurately to serve its purpose, whether commercial or private. Trusted technologies like RTK GPS and GPS surveying equipment are of much help to determine the distance, angles and forms of land for mankind's more meaningful use.