Have you ever heard of a ‘wet lab’? Curious to know what it is? These are laboratories in which chemicals, drugs, and other biological materials are kept and handled. They are left here in their liquid, soluble and volatile phases. They require direct ventilation and specially crafted piped utilities. This work usually requires large spaces. Most wet labs are equipped with around 15 or more work spaces, which make use of the latest high-tech equipment and technology. Each work area includes an infrastructure consisting of cameras, monitoring equipment, microscopes, head model, eye models, and various hand instruments. These rooms also include storage spaces for the various required tools and equipment.

Here are a few characteristics of a wet lab

a. Researchers and students get the opportunity to experience the best surroundings when it comes to research.
b. There are many options available which are used when conducting experiments and research.
c. Rather than only having to go through books, this offers more of a practical experience.
d. Wet labs help in speeding up research activities.
How do the participants of wet lab actually benefit?
a. The experience gained here cannot be acquired through other means.
b. A variety of complex situations leads one to learn more about complications.
c. Having the latest modules helps one learn about the latest technology used.
d. It makes one more familiar with new products used.
e. There is continuous training without any distractions.
f. Professionals maintain and take care of the equipment.
Do industry partners benefit and enjoy?

Indeed, they do. Here are a few reasons how industry partners benefit from wet labs.
a. They can provide their latest devices for use in the wet lab.
b. Knowing that the latest ophthalmologist teach modules are being provided.
c. Assurance of the fact that experts are here to explain the devices.
d. They gain coverage as well as new customers.

Wet labs are not to be confused with dry labs which are actually quite different in nature. A wet laboratory is where water is made use of for testing drugs, chemicals and biological matter. However, a dry lab is where most of the computer related analysis takes place. This is where computers are used to analysis and test the results of biological data instead of managing them in their liquid form. This is all performed in a sort of offline manner. Certain software is made use of for analysing biological data. You may face many obstacles in terms of your research but this should not trouble you.
Many times these experiments and research involve several hazards which can only be addressed and controlled with the help of specific labs. The labs need to be very well ventilated with ample amount of working space. This is important as it involves working with numerous drugs and chemicals. This all needs to be handled safely in order to avoid disastrous and dire consequences. After all this is taken care of, the research with the help of computers can begin.

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