Magento is the best eCommerce development platform now. Here are a few interesting facts about it shared by an expert Magento developer in Australia. 

Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform and has gained traction very soon after it’s launch, a few years back. Though there are so many eCommerce platforms out there, the open-source codes, free availability, advanced features, and easy-to-use functions, made the eCommerce developers adopt it. 

The eCommerce sector lacked the availability of enticing platforms, which can help the developers and business merchants easily display the products on the virtual shelves. To answer this problem, Magento was introduced a few years back. It is a much-anticipated platform, which offers all the basic needs of online stores. 

This pioneering eCommerce development platform has paved the way to the innumerable opportunities for the online store merchants and the Magento developers. Today, this unstaggering platform is used by millions of online shops across the world. 


Want to know more about this amazing platform? Check out these interesting facts then. 


Magento powers approximately 2 per cent of the internet:

Starting off with the first interesting fact about Magento that states, the platform powers approximately 2 per cent of the running eCommerce websites. The platform is specifically designed to set up and manage online stores easily. It is a feature-rich platform and is fatter as compared to the other CMS platforms like Drupal or WordPress. Magento captures a significant eCommerce market share today with all its features and functionalities. 


Almost 250,000 online shops use Magento:

Currently, Magento is powering almost 250,000 eCommerce sites and the number is continuously growing every day with the release of new online stores every day. The way the eCommerce business merchants and developers are getting inclined towards the platform because of its manageable features has also increased the popularity level of it. 


Magento comes with thousands of in-built extensions and themes:

It is true that Magento has a collection of over a thousand extensions. Almost half of these extensions were already there in version 1 and the rest are newly introduced in the second version of it. E-store development gets simpler and faster with the quick and easy installation of the required extensions. This is the fact that drives most of the developers, no matter if they are experienced or beginners. 


In addition to these extensions, the platform also has innumerable in-built templates and themes, that helps to create stunning UI designs and layouts for the online stores. And the best thing is that most of these themes are responsive, which means the visual appearance of the store pages will automatically look the same on all devices, regardless of their screen sizes and resolutions. 


Most of the big brands use this platform:

The scalability of the platform makes it the perfect choice not only for the small eCommerce businesses but for the large eCommerce firms as well. It comes with features that suit the requirements of all levels of eCommerce ventures. And because of this, many popular online selling brands have already powered their stores with Magento now. 


For managing the web presence of these big brands, this platform is sustainable enough to handle the huge influx of online shoppers. Only Magento can easily manage the heap of stocks and orders every hour. This is the main reason why the reputed brand prefers to use this particular platform. 


Magento enjoys over 5000 downloads per day:

As per the current Magento stats reports, this platform is found to serve the user base with over 5000 downloads every day directly from the official website. This comes to 150,000 downloads in a month. Isn’t it a big number? Yes, and it’s all because of the amazing features of the platform, especially the improved features of the recent version. 


Magento allows you to run multiple stores from a single back-end:

Magento is the only eCommerce platform that allows developers and merchants to manage more than one store from a single back-end using a single centralised dashboard. This feature of the platform helps developers and merchants to get rid of handling multiple e-stores on different domains. 


Overall, Magento, being the open-source platform, helps to unleash endless opportunities in the eCommerce domain. This has made every online retail business go for this scalable, secure, and simple platform.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is an experienced Magento developer of a reputed eCommerce development company in Australia, PHPProgrammers. The author has written this article to make developers and eCommerce business owners know the most interesting facts about the platform and go for it to leverage the best for their online stores.