When you pack a few extra pounds during pregnancy or from the over-consumption of food, the skin tends to stretch considerably to accommodate your enlarged body. This enlargement usually triggers the development of marks on the skin known as stretch marks. The condition is prevalent in certain areas of the body like the stomach, buttocks, thighs, breasts, and upper arms. What unfortunate about having the distinct dermal lesions is that it is easy to acquire it but hard to erase it. However, there is a way to fade stretch marks, i.e. with the utilization of massage. Massaging the affected area with sweet almond, wheatgerm, or jojoba can improve the tone and texture of the skin, helping the elimination of the existing white stretch marks and the prevention of the development of new ones.

Anti Stretch Marks Massage
This massage can help fade stretch marks that are already present in the body and can be a preventive tool. If done daily, the skin connective tissues will be stimulated to normalize. Steps one to four of the massage is developed to be regularly adhered to all throughout the term of pregnancy. The steps five to eight of need to be done after childbirth. However, the anti stretch marks massage is only good for those who are pregnant. This can also be used for by those who have gained weight or are building muscle where the development of marks on the skin is likely.

As a precautionary measure, make certain that you only apply gentle strokes for those who are pregnant. Also NEVER press the abdominal area.
With the fingers pointed towards the direction of the chest, position the hands, palms down on the lower portion of the ribs. Slowly makes broad strokes towards the sides. Pull the strokes together down the waist and over the hips. Continue working the skin in this manner to evenly spread out the oil.

Make a firm but gentle strokes at the side of the waist. Work the skin with the hands by applying flowing strokes on the side part of the torso. One side of the thigh, make broad strokes up to lower portion of the ribs. Do the same on the other thigh.

Make a firm but gentle flowing strokes up to the leg with the leg bent up to the level of the knee. Enhance the stroke further by making long massages towards the thigh.

At the ribs’ base, make clockwise sweeping circles in the area near the abdomen with the use of the right hand’s palm. Repeat this procedure but use both hands’ palms this time.

Below the navel, gently position your hands slightly raised so that only the fingers make contact with the skin. Make tummy rubs by starting below the ribs. Mildly slide the hands’ palms upwards and let the fingers draw out towards the sides of the lower ribs and onto the waist.

With one palm positioned on the sides of the waist, pull the palms up and move them towards the tummy until it reaches the side opposite to the palms starting point. Continue doing this crisscross strokes for a few minutes.

Again, bend the leg towards the knee. Enfold the palms on the back portion of the thigh and gently but firmly make squeezing strokes towards the buttocks.

With one palm placed at the base of the ribs and the other below the navel, make a large circle. One palm will make half of the circle while the other will complete the other half. Do this with the use of long flowing strokes.

Make sure that the hand movements of the strokes are in slow, soothing paces. By repeating the massage for several minutes, one can be ensured that the oils effectively penetrate deep into the skin. Again, never apply pressure on the tummy. When making tummy rubs, make sure that the strokes are done as lightly as possible. Remember that this anti stretch marks massage is not only for pregnant women but for anyone who wants to get rid of stretch marks on the stomach and other parts of the body. With continued and regular practice, one can notice that those unwanted marks on the skin are no longer visible and the development of the future ones can be prevented.

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Stretch mark massage has lots of health benefits, and it can even do stretch marks removal. Find out with the aid of this article if massage can truly alleviate the condition.