As a business owner and marketer, you need customers to your business to keep up and to run. The competition is high on the platform. Thus you’ve to go the extra mile to produce high-quality content to draw more attention from potential buyers.

So, if you want to beat the competition, stand out and get huge conversions, you should consider trying Fade To Black. It will help you create impressive and impactful video and animation content.

What’s Fade To Black?

Fade To Black is a world’s most straightforward full auto-video animation software. The software is cloud-based, meaning that you don’t have to download it. You can use it online. Fade To Black is helping many people create awesome 3D videos and animations. It’s a user-friendly that doesn’t require any expert knowledge.

Who should use Fade To Black?

Fade To Black is for all business owners or marketers that are looking to create one-of-a-kind and quality 3D videos and animations. The software is suitable, among others:

• YouTuber creators
• Freelancers
• Marketing agencies

Fade To Black features

Fade To Black is packed with a tone of features that allow you to up your game in creating videos. These features let you create all kinds of high-quality animation for your clients, landing page, or channel.
As mentioned, the software is easy to use. You’ll create an excellent video or animation with a few simple mouse clicks. Fade To Black is continuously updated to enhance usability to help you get the results you want easy and fast.

Here are Fade To Black vital features:

• Protect your work using One-Click watermarking
• Top-notch intros
• Studio logo stings
• Movie filters: film grain, lens flares, light effects, and blockbuster-style grading
• Alpha technology to help to create awesome animations
• Great live-action animation
• Maximize your sales, shares, and sign-ups with incredible Outro’s and CTA’s

How Does It Work?

It won’t matter what level of experience you have when it comes to utilizing animation creation tools. Fade To Black is user-friendly software. You’ll only require some minutes to understand how to use it.

There are thousands of templates readily available for you. All you need to do is select one, do the personalization and customization of the template to suit your preference. Then, edit and replace things on your screen. Add your text, logo, images, change color, and do so much more. After all, that hit the render button, and that’s all! You don’t need any technical know-how. Creating any animations or videos takes a few minutes while doing minimal work.

What’s the Price?

Fade To Black is an excellent tool that disserves every penny, yet it comes at a very affordable one-time price. To buy this animation and video creating a platform, you don’t have to break your bank. First, the software comes with more than enough templates all-in-one pack.

So, if you want to create animations and videos without spending a lot of money, choose Fade To Black. You’ll only pay ones, and there’re no extra or hidden fees.
Fade To Black is available in two price options. These are personal licenses that cost $77 and a commercial license that charges $97. Both of these prices are one-time payments. Depending on your needs, you could choose one of these two options.

Which Price Option is better?

As mentioned, whichever option you decide to go with depends on your needs. With the Personal License, you’ll be connected but with some restrictions. Though you’ll enjoy a lot of benefits, you’re only limited to creating thirty animations and videos per month. Additionally, the rights in this package only allow you to utilize your projects for personal consumption.

Conversely, the Commercial License has no restrictions. You’ll create unlimited animations and videos every month and enjoy full rights to the projects. That means you can use them for both personal and commercial purposes. So, if you want to make some bucks with video marketing, Commercial License can be the best choice.

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