This is the story of Soichiro Honda, The founder of Honda Motors Co.Ltd. Read this Inspirational tale of his meteoric rise to success, despite the Innumerable hurdles he faced along the way. Honda’s success won him legendary status and his life story is a perfect example of how failure breed success in an individual.
Soichiro Honda was born on 17 November 1906 in Shizuoka, Japan. He received elementary education spend his early years helping his father, Gihile, repair bicycle at the age of 15 Honda left school and moved to Tokyo where is work as an apprentice at s garage and later a car mechanic.
At the age of 22, Honda returned to his hometown and put his practical knowledge to use by staring a business manufacturing piston rings for small engines in motorcycles. Undaunted by the lack of funds and several initial rejections, Honda refined his personal ring design and finally sold it to Toyota. However, lack seemed to evade Honda as he faced with another challenge. He needed to build a factory in order to begin mass production of his piston rings. But Japan was preparing for the world war 2 at that time and construction materials were scarce.
Hence, he put his sharp mind to work and came up with alternative ways to manufacture concrete. Once Honda had his factory ready and was ready to begin production, the war broke out and the ill-fated factory was bombed! It appeared that Honda and his dream of making piston rings were jinxed.
More determined than ever before, he rebuilt his factory using gasoline cans that were discarded by the US Fighters. The new production unit was ready after much innovational and struggle. And as luck would have it, an earthquake struck Japan, razing Honda’s factory and his dreams to the ground. Honda was forced to sell his piston ring design to Toyota.
As conditions in Japan continued to deteriorate, they were hit by the acute scarcity of fuel, hence propelling the inventor into action once more. This time Honda made a small motor into action once more. This time Honda made a small motor, almost as small as the one used on a lawnmower, and attached this to a bicycle. Behold the advent of the world’s first motorcycle!
From making this new motor-car for neighbours and friends, Honda tried to raise funds to build more of those small bikes by writing to more than 18,000 bicycles shop owners asking them to help him in his mission to revitalize Japan. Five thousand responded to his request and advanced him some money to build engines for their cycles. Though the initial designs were bulky and cumbersome, Honda refined his model and come up with a way to make smaller, lighter engine which he called ‘The Super Club’.
The rest, as you might have gathered by now, is history. This light and zippy new set of wheels sparked off a revolution across Japan, which then spread across Europe and America, catapulting Soichiro Honda from being a small-time Japan inventor to a world-renowned name. And make him even popular was the fuel crisis that hit the world in 1970, forcing people to look at smaller cars as a cost-effective means of transport. Honda, which by this time had grown to a large scale manufacturing operation and was an expert in making small engines, capitalized on the growing trend and gave the world first Honda small car --- much smaller and faster than ones his competitors were trying to make.
Soichiro Honda did not know the meaning of word ‘failure’. He was a man truly committed to his dream and constantly made adjustments in an effort to achieve his goal Today, the Honda corporation employs more than 100,000 people in USA and Japan and is one of the worlds largest and finest automobile manufacturing companies. Honda’s life story serves as an inspiration to his employee and people at large forcing them to review their option and move forward each time they are forced with misfortune.
There are others like Honda, who have acted on their dreams but succumbed to difficulty. And then there some who have been so overwhelmed by the prospect of failure, that they have forgotten how to dream.
Local heroes like Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Lakshmi Mittal, Dr Vijay Mallya and Sunil Mittal, have worked consciously to overcome obstacles in their respective business leaders. They have used successfully combinations of skills and strategy to accomplish their goals.
Failure is nothing but a blessing in disguise; it brings with wisdom and maturity. Failure reveals your weakness and gives you a chance to improve them. It provides you with an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and overcome the fear of disappointment.
In conclusion, I urge you to interact and then learn from people who have faced difficulty and experienced failure. These encounters will make you stronger and provide you with useful insight on how to tackle your own problems. It will increase your ability to deal constructively and effectively with mistakes and temporary setbacks.
Remember, when God shuts one door he always opens another. Keep looking for that door and walk through it fearlessly as soon as you find it.

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Rahul Kapoor (February 18,1976) is an Indian inspirational speaker, mentor, author and entrepreneur. Kapoor is known for his talks and seminars on peak performance, teamwork and relationships. He has authored self-helps books, which includes Work Wise – Lessons in Excellence for Young Professionals and Dad & I – Inspiring Stories for Teens. Through his seminars Kapoor has impacted over 3,00,000 people across 15 countries. Kapoor is the founder of several companies and charitable trusts. Junior Chambers International awarded him with Outstanding Young Persons of India Award in 2010. He is also a youth icon and partners with organizations worldwide in inspiring youth to lead a powerful value based life.