Fairy Queen Train is considered as the oldest functioning steam engine in the world. Train is certified in Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest locomotive still moving on wheels. Train began its journey for the East Indian Railway in the year 1885. Today, Fairy Queen Train is one among the luxury trains promoting Indian tourism. If you wish to enjoy a luxurious holiday tour trip, Fairy Queen Train Tour is the best choice. Train will be dedicated for tourists from the month of October to March. Fairy Queen Train tour usually starts its trip on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of these months. This train is the winner of National Tourism Award and the tour promises tourists a thrilling journey with all comforts. Fairy Queen Train tour starts its trip from Delhi and takes you through the scenic spots of Alwar and Sariska. It takes one night and two days to explore these fabulous spots. Let’s look in detail the itinerary of this train tour.

Day 01: In the morning, Fairy Queen Train tour starts its luxury trip from Delhi Cantonment Railway Station. You will be given traditional warm welcome before boarding train. After leaving the station, train moves to Alwar Railway Station. You can enjoy a luxury lunch on board. In the late afternoon, train arrives at Alwar Railway station, from where you can take your respective seats in an air conditioned coach which will now move on to Sariska. You will be assisted with a well experienced instructor through out your journey so athat you can get the details of destinations. In the evening, bus will arrive at Hotel Tiger Den located at the entry point of Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. At night, you can have a theme dinner and enjoy watching cultural programs like traditional folk dances of Rajasthan. Stay overnight at hotel and have a restful sleep.

Day 02: In the early morning of the second day of Fairy Queen Train tour, you can get ready for a jeep safari to Sariska National Park. This exclusive Tiger Reserve in Sariska National Park attracts thousands of visitors from all over the globe. Langur, Chital, Wild Boar, Hyena and Sambhar are some of the rare varieties of species found in the jungles of Sariska National Park. Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary also beholds the ruins of ancient temples, Kankawari fort and a palace for sightseeing. Sanctuary covered with dhok trees lies on the edge of Silserh Lake is an ideal location for crocodile watching. After exploring the exalted species of birds and animals inside Sariska National Park, you can return back to hotel for having breakfast. After breakfast, board bus which will now take you to Alwar Railway Station.

Board train from Alwar Railway Station and this train tour will now return back to Delhi. In the late evening, train will reach at Delhi Cantonment Railway Station and the journey of your luxury tour trip in Fairy Queen Train comes to an end here. Fairy Queen Train tour dedicates an exotic holiday trips for passengers.

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