The Acceptable 3 F’s (Faith, Family, and Friends)”

Our focus today should be faith, family, and friends. I want to emphasize the importance of all three because each increases the quality of your life. Find time out of your schedule for each priority of faith, family, and friends. These three things will create a foundation for happiness.

When you are overly busy with work and rushing from place to place, you will realize that an important area of your life is keeping in touch and connecting with your faith, family, and friends.

Often, these areas are neglected and disrupt happiness. However, the remedy is to take more time to communicate more effectively, listen more, and exercise quality time. Regain control and improve your family life balance. When life deals you challenges you will have something to fall back on.

Now it is important to utilize task list but don’t forget about you. Time management experts will often recommend a to-do-list. These are great but I would advise you to look at it periodically every day. I've made lots of project lists, shopping lists, daily task lists; email name it. They make me feel more organized during the day, but unless I refer to them daily to see what I need to work on, it's just another piece of paper that covers my desk.

Above all, keep things simple, enjoy your life, make time for you, and maintain balance with the acceptable 3 F’s of Faith, Family, and Friends to be happy.

Author's Bio: 

Edwin Edebiri, MBA is the founder of the "I Am Happy Project." A dynamo of humor and enthusiasm, Edwin stands at the forefront of entrepreneurial spirit. With over 25 years experience in providing individuals and business owners training in inspiring possibilities, networking, goals setting, and time management, Edwin is committed to helping individuals and organizations create a brighter future. Edwin is the author of “Creating a Brighter Future: Pillars of Practice to Put Your Dreams Into Action” and “Networking A to Z - A Bullish Approach”. Edwin is the inspiration behind the Global Happiness Summit and founder of the "I am Happy Project“-now in 55 cities in 16 countries. He is also the former host of a weekly Radio and Television Show dedicated to empowering individuals in creating wealth and a brighter future.