Which will Help, Inspire and Encourage you in your life, faith or doubt?

Please take time right now to choose.

Declare it out loud. Declare and share with someone. Share and express the Power of Faith with your loved ones. Talk to God, Now.

Tell God you would like to have Faith as of Now.

Faith that God is watching your back as you release and let go of control which is motivating you to constantly doubt God.

Tell God you've had enough. Tell God inside your heart to strengthen you against your own damaging and corrupting thoughts.

Tell God, you Love God and for God to show you his/her Love to you.

Please tell God you are now opening up to receive God and God will surprisingly show you.

Thank you God.
We Love you.
We truly Love you.


Author's Bio: 

Michelle is a Divine Healer, Writer, Teacher, Master Dahn Yoga Healer, Wellness Coach.
Founder and Spiritual Director of Lovelight Holistic Ministries. She is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Master Time Line Therapy and Master Hypnotherapist. Certified brain Management Consultant. She is a Certified Reiki and Pranic Healer. Michelle experienced her inner awakening to her True Self, the God within, as she learned to heal herself from Lupus CNS in 2002. Since then she is guided from within, as a channel for the light, guiding others in their healing process Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. Her life purpose is to support and awaken people to their True Selves, the Power within and to cause and create Oneness inside and out. Michelle also connects to the Spiritual World for assistance where Love is the essence of Truth and Oneness.
www.Spiritualityinsideandout.com lovelightmichelle@yahoo.com 1-310-402-0068

With Infinite Blessings,
Lovelight Michelle
With God all things Are Possible