Fallopian tubes are two tubes that connect the uterus and the ovaries providing a pathway for the eggs and the sperms to unite. This pathway where the egg moves from the ovaries where it gets fertilized by a sperm and moves on to the uterus to be implanted on its wall for further growth. It is the place where the first process of pregnancy starts from. If there is any major damage to the pathway would lead to problems in pregnancy and may even stop you from being a parent.

The fallopian tube is a very initial and very crucial part of fertility and pregnancy, it is essential to know about the various forms of disorders, ailments, or conditions it may have which might hinder the proper process of pregnancy. Damages of blocked Fallopian tube are major causes of infertility along with other conditions that may be detrimental to pregnancy.

The fallopian tube may get damaged due to infection and the formation of scar tissues. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), results from bacterial infection of the reproductive organs of a female. PID may also ascend from the vagina and cervix on to other parts of the reproductive tract caused by diseases like gonorrhea and chlamydia. PID may be a result of other conditions like salpingitis and pyosalpinx which can also damage the Fallopian tube.

Other conditions, diseases and disorders that may affect the proper functioning of a Fallopian tube are listed below.

Surgery in the pelvic or lower abdomen
Rupture of appendix
Damage caused by Intrauterine device(IUD) to the opening of a Fallopian tube
Ectopic pregnancy where embryo implanted in the Fallopian tube
Uterine fibroid
Benign Fallopian tube tumors
Fallopian tube carcinoma
Abnormal Fallopian tube by birth.

All these conditions and diseases can be very damaging both to the Fallopian tube and the process of pregnancy itself rendering the couples children less. Knowing the symptoms and treating them is of utmost importance for happy parenthood. Mohak Infertility Center, the best fertility clinic in the whole of Central India is the best place to get yourself checked and diagnosed for problems you may be facing in getting pregnant. Their ultramodern testing equipment and top-of-the-line gynecologists and embryologist will assist in pinpointing your problem and chalking out the best possible curative or surgical medical available, to put you back on the path of parenthood.

There are various methods of diagnosing Fallopian tube disorders and treating them as per the concern.

1. Hysterosalpingography (HSG) checks for structural damages or problems in the Fallopian tube through imaging. This imaging is done after the woman’s menstrual period ends.

2. Sonohysterography is another imaging technique that can detect problems in the Fallopian tube. This image is taken through the ultrasound method to reveal abnormalities.

3. Hysteroscopy is a direct viewing technique where a thin viewing tube with a light is used to probe inside the Fallopian tubes to check for growths blocking the Fallopian tube. This insertion can also be used to remove polyp or fibroid seen blocking the Fallopian tube by minimally invasive surgery.

4. Laparoscopy is also another tubular device with a lighted camera through a small incision in the uterus to check for blockages in the Fallopian tube and can also remove the block by inserting apt instruments through laparoscopy itself.

5. Surgery may be the last option or the only option in some cases where other options have failed to provide results. In cases like ectopic pregnancy or infection, surgery is required to repair the damage done. In some cases even after surgery for repair of the Fallopian tube the woman may need to use IVF to conceive. Then Mohak IVF Clinic termed as the best in the trade with economic and competitive IVF cost will come in handy. Surgery may be required just to ensure that the woman can carry a pregnancy successfully.

Whatever the disorder, disease, testing technique or treatment methodology it would be advisable to get the opinion of a competent authority for all your infertility and related problems to put you back on a positive track towards parenthood.

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