The water haven promises guests fun and excitement on its numerous rides and slides. Named one of Middle East’s best water park, Legoland Water Park Dubai is about to redefine your family day outs :) In this post, is about to unravel the nitty gritties of the park with all of its attractions.

What to Know

● Legoland waterpark Dubai is designed to deliver interactive experience for for families with children aged 2-12 years

● On arrival at Dubai Parks & Resorts, you hop on a bus for a short journey to the water park. You alight at Riverland and walk through to Legoland water park

● The waterpark hosts up to 20 water slides and attractions. Each offers a unique, yet fun-soaked all round experience in its range of amenities including: Dining and retail outlets, changing rooms, Cabanas, Guest services, First aid and prayer rooms

● Legoland Water Park and Legoland Dubai possess a similar theme and are both based in Dubai Parks & Resorts which also hosts a range of other interesting attractions including: Bollywood Parks™-based on Bollywood blockbusters, Motiongate Dubai-based on Hollywood’s treasured characters right from dreamworks animations to Lionsgate

● Legoland water park is interconnected, thanks to Riverland™, Dubai which is a recreational hub that’s accessible free of charge and hosts a multitude of dining, shopping and a ton of entertainment options
Attractions at Legoland Waterpark

The waterpark is packed with rides and slides for both young/old thrill seekers alike including:

Build-a-Raft River

Notably, this is the only waterpark attraction in Legoland UAE that allows you to customise your raft using the assortment of the jumbo, colorful LEGO bricks before floating away in it down the lazy river.

Note, the lazy river is a bit slow, but you’re at ease to kick in a family race to make it more exciting.

Red Rush

Here you need to at least be in a group of three to fully enjoy the water slide.Get set to spin down a monstrous 95 metre long slide in a round raft as you hold onto your dear life on the edges. Throughout the ride you’ll be spinning and may not really tell where you’re heading, but this makes it all the more thrilling-just prepare to be splashed out at the end.

Joker Soaker

The huge water playground features seven slides in all sorts of sizes and design-some steep, scary; others slow and steady. The area also features climbing areas water spouts, play guns, a paddling pool and a torrent of water dropped from an overhanging 300-gallon bucket.
Notably, the water in this zone is colder than any other area of the park, so unless you’re ready to get drenched by the super huge tipping bucket, you might want to enjoy other areas of the park.


A fanatic of LEGO? Bring your A game because your creativity counts 100% right here as you get to design your own model boat. This is using LEGO bricks which you also get to test on a 10-metre shallow river. Better do a good job, or there’s a price to pay when it disintegrates as you float and you’ll be the laughing stork of the day ;)

Duplo Splash Safari

The shallow, warm, water pool is exclusively dedicated to toddlers. It features four small slides, and huge diplo animals e.g. Elephant, Crocodiles etc with playful water features. The area also features several water fountains dedicated to the younger guests.

Lego Racers

Bring your racing game on! The ride features six parallel racing slides which you speed your way down on mats. For kids, be sure to give them a headstart as it’s obvious the adult’s weight gives them advantage overcoming the drag. Teamwork fam!

The Wave Pool

The extensive wave pool play zone features several slides including two tube rides, one tube twin ride and two solo rides. The wave rider has earned the accolade as the steepest which involves zooming 73 metres down an open slide and right into the water. It’s just so much fun bobbing about on the waves of the pool especially for kids. Other rides in this zone are more suitable for adult riders.

Helpful Tips

● The park is open between 11:00AM-5:30PM
● Bring towels with you, but if you forget, you can always rent one. The park also sells swimming nappies
● Waterproof your phone/camera! Taking photos whilst having fun in the waterpark is no brainer. Waterproofing your phone just to be on the safe side.
● Visit the waterpark on a weekday as it’s less crowded and lines are shorter. Not to mention, there’ll be more places to place your towels and more deck chairs.
● Bring with you flip flops. It goes without saying that temperatures in this region get extremely high, besides you’ll be in and out of the pools. You might be tempted to walk barefooted, but putting on flip flops as you switch between attractions and pools will save your soles
● Park dry clothes for every individual! Without a doubt, your clothes will be dripping wet at the end of the splashy fun and you’ll need a swap!
● Bring goggles for the kids too. They’ll really come in handy on the slides and wave pool. Thank me later :)
● The waterpark has two distinct areas-the more child friendly area which features the lazy river around it, and the wave pool area with most of the adventurous rides.
● The wave pool area features complimentary sun chairs, and loungers right by the wave pool & the water playground.
● Cabanas are available for rent for a max of four people
● There are two food outlets at the waterpark including:Bricks Bites & Waves Bistro. They mainly serve burgers, chicken nuggets, pizza and a couple of salad options.

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Legoland water park dubai is unbeatable in delivering fun filled moments with family on the exciting slides. Visit link and splash your way into the epic waterpark because great memories are made out of great experiences.