Holidays to Egypt with the kids - no matter how old they are

Family holidays will never go out of style, and Egypt’s Red Sea resorts offer the perfect family beach holiday, with plenty of sights and activities to tire the kids out too. The child-friendly beach resorts on Egypt's Red Sea offer more peace and quiet than her cities, with All Inclusive holidays to Egypt becoming one of the more popular options. Many of the All Inclusive hotels in Egypt have a variety of entertainment - with something for the adults, the teens and even the toddlers in your group.

If travelling with younger children, the time of year should always be a consideration, Egypt's year-round hot weather makes it a great off-season holiday, visit between June and September for the ideal temperatures. Naturally, the majority of resorts are equipped with air conditioning and with many hotels have more pools than you can shake a stick at - not to mention their own mini, and not-so-mini waterparks.

A family-friendly holiday
Egyptians are known for their strong family values, with children at the heart of a family’s activities. Egypt’s cities tend to be too noisy and overcrowded to make an extended stay with the kids feasible (let alone enjoyable), so why not make your way there from Sharm El Sheikh instead? You’ll have enough time to see the Pyramids, and the museums in Cairo without confining the kids to a hotel for the duration of your stay.

A holiday to Luxor or the Red Sea resorts in the south, offer a slightly more ancient-Egyptian experience, with Abu Simbel a couple of hours away and the temple of Karnak within easy reach of most of these resorts for some mind-expanding culture.

However if you fancy sticking around in Sharm (whilst still enjoying the sights of Egypt), the ‘Pharonic’ Cleo waterpark, in the centre of Sharm will make your fantasies about stress-free holidays in Sharm El Sheikh a reality. If you don’t fancy a trip across the desert during your stay (and let's face it, who does with kids?), you can visit the pyramids, the Abu Simbel monument and even take a trip down the Nile in this gigantic themed-waterpark. There are a number of restaurants, an Egyptian barbeque area and even an ice cream bar.

Whatever your holiday plans, consider what Egypt has to offer, take a look at the deals on the easyJet holidays website for more information about holidays in Egypt's Red Sea resorts.

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