Individual psychotherapy has proven to be more than effective when dealing with psychological problems and disorders. However, there are issues that concern not just one person but a whole family. In such circumstances, the family therapy treatment can be quite effective. The reason why family therapy is so helpful is that this method of therapy views the problems of the whole family and the problems of every individual. Family therapy can be helpful in situations when the whole family is facing a problem. The issues of one person can be transmitted to the whole family and cause health problems with every member of the family. There are moments when family therapy is more than needed and proven to achieve results.
If a couple is having a problem with their relationship, this may have effect on their children as well, so visiting just a couple’s therapy is sometimes not enough to deal with the problem. When the whole family is included in the therapy session, every member can share feelings and concerns, this improves the communication skills of the family and strengthens the bond between them. Not having good communication within the family, can affect the emotional health of people, especially children. If you have a sick child that needs constant cares, it is sometimes difficult and very stressful, and when people get stressed and easily irritated they often insult the closest to them. Family therapy can be of assistance in such situations, by providing the opportunity to the family to discuss the problem and their emotional state; it helps for the better view over the situation and allows the family to deal with the problem by talking and not attacking one another. For children with mental disorders, family therapy is a good option. If attending family therapy, not individual therapy, the child learns to trust the parents and on the other side, the parents learn to take care of the child contributing to its recovery and healing.
Problematic teenagers are common these days. Puberty is a difficult period for teens and they tend to frequently change their emotional state and respond to the pressure in an inadequate matter. Parents are trying to help but often don’t know how exactly to do it, and worsen the problem even more. Family therapy can be the best solution for parents to connect with their children and help them, deal with their problems. When parents are facing a divorce, children often suffer the consequences and their emotional health is damaged. In such difficult for the family moments, family therapy is the best option to go through the problems without emotional conflicts.
Family therapy has proven to be equally helpful with individual therapy. The method is used a lot recently. Families with or without issues can attend family therapy (or familieterapi in Danish) to improve their relationships with one another and balance their emotional health as a family.

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