Family therapy is a term that’s been becoming more and more popular over the years. To see the reasons behind that , we must first examine the most important details surrounding family therapies, their defining characteristics which make them the preferred solution for various psychological issues and everyday troubles. Of course , it is good to remember that family therapies cannot help every problem , but are very suitable for the type of situation that people have to go through everyday, in their most treasured environment – their family and close circle of loved ones.

So, what makes family therapy different from all the other types of therapy ? Well , for starters, we should take into consideration the fact that family therapy has more than one person involved in each session. Thus the therapist can observe the interaction between the family members involved in the therapy. Even though the therapist takes the family system out of balance, there’s still a lot that can be learned about the behavior of the members, and that can be used in order to help the patients improve their relationship.

Family therapists , unlike Freudian therapists for example, don’t have the habit of taking deep past events into consideration , unless they have an effect to the current relationships in the family. Again, unlike their colleagues, family therapists don’t base all of their assumptions on the basis of early childhood character formation and early childhood trauma.

Instead , they aim to understand what problems their patients have by direct observation , the most preferred scientific method. After evaluating their parents, they proceed to put them in hypothetical situations and play mental exercises with them , in order to direct their mind in a direction that will allow them to make progress instead of staying in the same position.

But really ,what are some direct examples of family therapy ? Some most common cases that make people resort to family therapy ? Well, psychologists seem to observe lots of couples , both married and not, that share an interest in family therapy in order to deal with the problems of cohabitation , love and trust issues and anything of that sort. It’s not a rare case that one of them cheats their partner, and they seek the therapists help in order to learn to trust each other again. Another very common case is if a couple is arguing and fighting more often than they used to in the past.

If there are issues between parents and children , family therapy (the Danish term is parterapi is sometimes recommended in order to settle the miscommunication. The so called “generation gap” creates a lot of prepositions for parents and children not to be able to live a calm and relaxed life. In most cases , therapy isn’t really necessary, but when a situation gets out of hand and the problems are more complex and deep , the services of a therapist will always come in handy. It’s just important to remember to try to be relaxed and optimistic.

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