On your way home from a long day at work do you find yourself thinking about your next family vacation? There are so many questions such as where is everyone’s passport? How do I prepare the kids for this trip? How do I entertain them while waiting for flights or on the long drive? How do I keep them engaged at the destination?

While I can’t help you find your passports; I can give you 5 helpful tips on how to prepare your kids for your next family vacation.

But before we begin, lets take the pressure off by reminding ourselves that kids are kids. You need to let go of all expectations. The sequence of events for your trip will be what they will be and the more you obsess over that pretty picture you have in your mind the more things will spiral out of your control.

If at all possible involve your kids in the planning of your destination. Get them excited! You could buy new luggage together and buy the perfect suitcase for each of your kids. Kids love to be part of the action. Talk about the experiences they will have and help your kids to research the chosen destination. Let them choose a couple of activities to enjoy while you are away. Your kids will be more invested in the vacation when they help with the decision-making.

When planning a trip it is important to consider the age of your kids. You want your kids to be old enough to enjoy the destination. We decided to wait till our kids were older (10 and 13) before we traveled to Disney World. We felt that they would appreciate the experience more when they were older and that they would remember more of what Disney World had to offer.

If traveling by plane, book direct flights wherever possible. Also, book your seats together and take advantage of the pre-boarding call for families. You will feel more relaxed for settling everyone in their seats before the rush of other passengers.

Once you arrive, have some family down time by the pool, in your hotel room or at a playground. All the new surroundings and experiences can be over whelming to little ones and believe me; you’ll appreciate a little quiet time too. Some “normal” time will help kids stay eager to explore the sights.

To avoid the inevitable “can I get this?” or “can I have that?” create a budget and discuss it before you leave. Share with your kids that they can’t have everything they see and that they have to be choosy on what to buy. Spread the money out over the entire trip with a per day allotment so the kids can buy something each day of the vacation. That way the budget won’t get all spent in the first hour.

Finally, Get a small carry-on case for your kids to pack things like books, coloring books, crayons, teddies or video games. There will be a lot of waiting time at airports or train or bus stations. The same case can be packed when taking a long road trip.

Taking family trips can create some of the best memories for the whole family. My family and I reminisce about our family trips to the lake all the time. We relive the good times and some of the bad times and usually get to laugh about both.

Have an awesome family trip…wherever you decide to go!

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