The birth of famous actor in India Raja Kapse was in a humble Marathi family living in Uttar Pradesh. His supportive father is a motivating teacher, and his loving mother is an empathetic staff nurse. The boy was fond of reading and so was always surrounded by bundles of books. It even reflected in his studies, and the student studied well and always stood first in the class till 8th standard. With time, education interested him more than anything else, and the most fascinating subject for the pupil was mathematics. His love for maths made him admire the engineering course, and thus, the teenager began to dream of becoming an engineer in future. The aspirant moved from his city to Gwalior to join a coaching centre for preparing for an engineering program. While tutoring, Raja Kapse got a chance to meet the honourable former Prime Ministers of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Shri Rajib Gandhi. The to-be a famous actor in India admired these personalities.

After completing the classes at coaching, Raja Kapse returned to his mother in Guna district in Madhya Pradesh and then attended an engineering college for pursuing studies. But the student did not go to the campus for a period of six months. Finally, the student visited a class, but a frustrated professor in a lecture punished him and made the boy stand on the podium and asked the entire class to clap for him. Instead of being embarrassed about the situation, the pupil felt special, and he enjoyed the moment with a smile. The incident made him realize that he wanted to be a well-known personality of the country. Raja Kapse was still about the path to take for success and to be glorious and began to think of different career options that could fulfil his desire.

One day, in Shivpuri, an enormous hoarding was being painted regarding an audition for playing the character of a police inspector for a Tv serial. It came to the notice of the young boy, and he decided to grab the opportunity as it might help him in becoming one of the popular Indian actors and solve all his queries of choosing a career. The youngster controlled his excitement, and gathered all the courage and went to try his luck for the role. At the audition round, Raja Kapse thoroughly prepared the dialogue given to him and executed his part with all his effort and emotion. The director was impressed with the performance of the young one and praised him for his outstanding acting. Moreover, he got the chance to play the part, and it filled his heart with confidence, belief and courage to take the first step toward his dream.

Raja Kapse was aware that his inbuilt talent needed to be polished, and he needed to learn every emotion of a person to be a good actor. With the blessing of his parents, the boy joined the National School of Drama in Delhi. The budding star tried to learn everything that was taught to him at the institute. A motivating professor figured out the quick learning ability and skill performing art of the student, and he found out that the loving tutee was very naive in acting. So, the tutor suggested the pupil attend the Little Group of Theatre first for mastering the basic lessons. The advice helped him to be a better actor, yet he had to do minor roles for several projects. But the optimistic guy took it as an opportunity to overcome his weakness in performing an act and enjoyed the work he had with a smile.

With the wish of being the most famous actor in India, Raja Kapse shifted to Mumbai. In the new city, the performer started performing in different plays in Hindi and Marathi languages. The audience began to notice and appreciate his work. In 2002, the talented actor received a chance to act in the blockbuster movie Devdas, along with Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, Jacky Shroff, and several other well-known artists. Later, he worked as a supporting actor in various films such as Zameen, Karma: Crime. Passion. Reincarnation, 99, Sau Jhooth Ek Sach, Lagan The Dedication and Baby Sellers. In 2010, his stunning cinema, Lahore, was facilitated with two national awards. The viewers started to observe the performance of the emerging entertainer. Moreover, the performer acted in several Television shows, which include Kulvaddhu, Devi Adi Parashakti and Aek Chabhi Hai Padoss Mein. His outstanding work has made him a respectable actor in the film and tv industry.

Raja Kapse has made a beautiful path of success by overcoming difficulties, polishing his skill and being positive. The inspiring artist never lost hope and worked hard for his dream. He grabbed every opportunity of acting and performed the role with dedication.

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