We have noticed an influx of people getting into entrepreneurship and building their businesses. It is honestly a good thing that this generation is ambitious and knows how to get what they want. However, there will always be that group of people doing it as if it is one of Instagram trends, for the sake of putting the word ‘’ C.E.O’’ in their bio and eventually fail. For those of you who want to do it for the right reasons, we are here to bring you some insights on entrepreneurship. Brace yourselves for some good stuff.

Today we have the famous celebrity fashion stylist Dennis Kenney. He is the embodiment of the slogan ‘’Keep growing’’. He started as a hockey player back in college, became an actor, became a celebrity fashion stylist, became a lifestyle expert, became a TV personality and now he is an entrepreneur too! He recently launched his successful clothing brand NONDK aiming at creating good quality clothing that brings a sense of unity to people who wear it regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, background, beliefs, ideologies etc. If you think there is only one thing you can achieve or none, think again.

Everyone has something that motivates them to become an entrepreneur. Dennis Kenney says ''I have been successful as a fashion stylist working on big projects and brands. However, apart from financial freedom and stability, I wanted to be my boss. Being an entrepreneur gives me control over my future and what I do. When I was younger, I thought all I needed was talent but later realized the bigger jobs are hard to come by even if you are talented and besides, the market is very competitive. One way to boost you is forming connections and another one is by creating jobs for yourself and others through entrepreneurship''.

It is not as lucrative, fun and games as you see on social media though. There will always be ups and downs. Dennis Kenney has also faced setbacks in his entrepreneurship journey. He says ‘’ A business, is not about you alone or your product alone. It is highly affected by each person you work with. On my part, it has been very challenging to find the right team who share the same vision for the company and are with me for the right reasons. I have had to vet my employees and it has not been an easy process. It is also very hard to distinguish a line between being a friend and a boss and it is very important to keep a balance between those two. On the bright side, besides having to let go of some people in my business, it has been rewarding to reap fruits of our hard work with my current team and employees’’.

Dennis Kenney lives by two rules in both his career and life in general. The first is `` Never follow your head or your heart, follow your gut instead” and the second rule is `` Don’t burn your bridges, You never know when you will need to cross them again’’.

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