To begin with, diamonds are very rare considering that only 80% of the diamond collections are gemstone quality. Diamonds are pure for the characteristics it has and also because of high dispersion of light. The diamond now a day has become so common, and can be seen everywhere, whether it be a pendant or a gold chain. However, the top diamonds listed below tells that it’s not only the quality that makes it popular, but also the story behind it.

Cullinan or the Great Star of Africa: This diamond is in the shape of a pear and it weighs about 530 carats and is the largest diamond in the world. This diamond has 74 faces and is a part of the British crown jewels. Before being cut from the largest uncut diamond, Cullinan, which was discovered in South Africa in the year 1095, it weighed about 3106 carats. Joseph Asscher and Company of Amsterdam took 6 months to determine and divide Cullinan into 9 major and 96 minor cut stones. These pieces were later used to make the regular jewelry like diamond rings.

The Kohinoor: Kohinoor is one of the largest diamonds that has a place of its own history. Kohinoor means ‘the mountain of light’. It weighs about 186 carats and is now a piece of British crown jewels. It is said that the Kohinoor diamond is studded on the throne that belongs to Emperor Shah Jehan. Nadir Shah of Persia looted the diamond after a battle defeat and later it was found in India after the breakdown of Persian Empire. It was then obtained by the British rulers in India.

The Taylor button: This diamond is in the shape of a pear and weighs about 70 carats and is found in the Premier mine located in South Africa. Richard Burton has gifted it to Elizabeth Taylor and hence it was named ‘The Taylor button’. Taylor wore it first time at a charity ball and later put it up for sale for reasons of charity. It is said that this diamond was last seen in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It later, most probably would have been cut to prepare more common diamond jewelry like wedding rings, bracelets etc.

The Sancy: It is a pear shaped diamond weighing about 55 carats and the owner of this diamond is Charles, duke of Burgundy and lost it in a war. Then the owner of it was Seigneur de Sancy, thus named it as ‘The Sancy’. It then disappeared during the French revolution. Later was found and kept for view at the Loure.

Few other famous diamonds are The Regent, The Premier Rose and The blue-hope.

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