One of Famous Entrepreneurs In India Byju Raveendran Born in Azhikode, Kerala. He did his schooling from a Malayalam-medium school where his parents were also the teachers. He had an extreme interest in sports, and he used to play up to six different sports at the school level. But, studies were invariably a priority for him. As a child also, he loved Mathematics which led him to develop his own ways of remembering formulas, creating sequences, and solving questions, that made him cover up the syllabus quickly and efficiently as well. As time passes and being a bright student, he successfully became an engineer and got a job in an IT firm that required him to travel abroad for a significant part of the year.

It was 2003 when Byju Raveendran came to Bangalore for his holiday, and he visited his friends who were preparing for the CAT exam. He taught them some different and distinct ways in which they can approach questions and can use time more efficiently.
For fun, Byju himself gave the exam and unexpectedly scored 100 percentile. His friends were impressed and happy for him, but he took it as a lucky break. To retest his skills and check whether he truly did well in the last one, he decided to appear in the exam again. Surprisingly, he scored 100 percentile, once more.

After the CAT incident, his friends kept on insisting him to coach students preparing for competitive exams as his methods and applications were unconventional from what was already present. Byju thought about it, and after some thoughts, he decided to play his role as a teacher. He took a break from his job and began teaching some students in his first classroom that was originally a terrace of his friend's house.

He was never behind the money and decided to allow free trial classes of seven days to students and charged them only if they were satisfied with the quality of teaching. In no time, students began to increase in number, which led him to rent a classroom space where he can accommodate everyone. Very quickly, the number of students under him increased to 20000 across the country, and Byju had to travel to more than seven cities in a week to teach them all.

Gradually, it was getting challenging for him to maintain the hectic schedule so he decided to record his lectures and share it to the places where he could not manage to reach and shortly more than 25 cities had access to his classes.

In 2010, Byju was proposed with the idea to provide his classes online so that millions of students could also avail and join his quality teaching. At that time internet was not a ready to available commodity in India but Byju still went ahead with it and formed ‘Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd.’.

Then in 2015, a startup company created and launched the app called, ‘BYJU’s- The Learning App’. Within three months of its launch, the app had more than 55 lacs downloads, and over 2.5 lacs paid subscribers.
Also, Byju's startup became the first in Asia to pull investments from Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s organisation- The Chan-Zukerberg initiative, and this happened in 2016. He become a successful Entrepreneur in India.
An international achievement for the company also came in 2017 when it was included as a case study at Harvard University. Along with that, his company gets in Shahrukh Khan as its brand ambassador, and in 2019 it was announced as the official sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team’s jersey as well.

Byju Raveendran has very inspiring story. He brought up an educational betterment of a country and pushing India towards its Digital Path!

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