Trishneet Arora
The CEO and founder of TAC Security, Trishneet Arora, is one of the brightest young entrepreneurs in India. He is also the writer of several books about ethical hacking, web defence, and cybersecurity. At just 25 years of age, he has a net worth of $1milliion-$5million. Apart from helping several corporate bodies with cyber security, he has also worked with the Gujarat and Punjab police departments, teaching them about cyber-security and helping them solve cases related to cybercrime.
Early experiments
Trishneet Arora was born in Ludhiana, Punjab, on 2nd November 1993. His journey towards becoming one of the best entrepreneurs in India began at a young age of 11 when his father gifted him a computer. Trishneet immediately fell in love with the machine and started fiddling around with it.
After the computer crashed one day, he took it to a repair shop. There, he watched the technicians as they worked on his computer and noted exactly the things they did. He turned this into a habit, experimenting with the computer and taking it to the repair shop. This way, he came to know about computer hardware. He went to YouTube to learn more about computers and shared his new findings on his blog every day.
In spite of being a bright child, Trishneet failed his 8th standard exams and he had to skip 9th standard. His class X exams were completed via correspondence. When he was 16, he went to Chandigarh, 100 km away from Ludhiana. There he made some good friends pursuing engineering and from them, he learned the basics of cybersecurity.
While learning about cybersecurity, he also wrote his first book, which was a huge achievement for him at that age. He wanted to share his knowledge with the rest of the world but his book did not do very well. Nevertheless, he wasn't going to give up on his dreams because of this minor setback and kept pushing to become one of the top 10 entrepreneurs in India.
Starting his own company
In 2012, Trishneet Arora launched TAC Security, an IT security firm by partnering with his brother Avneet Singh Arora. Since the brothers had no prior background in business, they faced some difficulties initially while setting up the firm. They needed to do a lot of paperwork to get the company registered and this took a toll on Trishneet.
Looking back at this stage of his life, Trishneet says that your passion for something can help you cross all obstacles and seeing as he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India today, we can agree with him. Within the first week of launching his company, Trishneet got his first order from a particular company asking him to provide security for their web business.
Since then, TAC security hasn’t had to look back. Today, his company provides security consulting, solutions, and training for its customers. In Ludhiana, he delivered a speech at a cyber-crime conference where many senior police officers were present. Impressed by his speech, these officials from Ludhiana police to make a workshop about cyber-crime. After this, the Gujarat police also approached him to conduct a training session related to forensics and cyber-crime investigation.
Within a short period of time, Trishneet started training police personnel about cybercrime and today he works alongside the CBI for solving cyber-crime issues. This is how he gained fame as an ethical hacker. So apart from being one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in India, he also helps the authorities catch hackers who misuse their abilities. Trishneet recognizes the meteoric rise of cyber-crime in the country and is committed to eradicating it.
When it comes to cyber-crime, Trishneet's approach is a bit different. Most cybersecurity professionals take action after the crime has occurred, but his company provides advanced solutions to the customers so that they can secure their systems before an attack occurs. He is a firm believer in customer satisfaction and makes sure all their demands are fulfilled. Hailing from a humble, middle-class background, Trishneet Arora managed to launch one of the biggest cybersecurity firms in the country and today he is one of the top entrepreneurs in India.
Apart from the Gujarat and Punjab police departments, his company’s customers include big names like ICICI Bank and Reliance Industries Ltd. He is currently negotiating with other clients and trying to secure some deals. He has won numerous awards like the State Award from the Punjab Chief Minister, the Punjabi Icon Award, and has been featured in the 50 Most Influential Young Indians by GQ magazine in 2017.
Today, Trishneet is expanding his business and setting up new offices in Gujarat and Mumbai. He is also expanding overseas. The number of achievements he has made at such a young age is indeed impressive.

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