Sonali Bhadauria Story

You can follow your fantasy anytime in your life, just if you trust them. This is demonstrated by Sonali Bhadauria, (a moving sensation on YouTube) Sonali is from Mumbai was attached to moving since adolescence. She used to recreate genuine strides of the melodies playing on Tv or radio. As time passes by, she had to make the toughest choice of choosing her professional life. At that time, she decided to be an engineer rather than following her dream of dancing as her full-time profession. While working for Infosys after completing the engineering, Sonali joined the dance club ‘Crazy Legs’, formed by the employees of Infosys. This was the beginning of realizing her dream of dancing into reality. She used to practice dance moves and participate in various competitions and events after office. She also met her better half during one of the group events of dancing and since then he stood by her side all the time. Owing to her dedication and hard work, she took her dancing skills at one higher level by designing choreographic sequences on her own. Her life changed when she began her YouTube Channel 'LiveToDance with Sonali' in 2016. After keeping up a boisterous calendar for close to 12 months, she relinquished her position to concentrate on her moving aptitudes and YouTube channel. Her choreographic succession video of 'Nashe Si ChadhGayi' and 'State Of You' tunes turned into a moment hit on YouTube.She became a popular dancing sensation after these two videos with around 1.6 Million followers on YouTube. She recently got a chance to showcase her talent at YouTube Fanfest, 2018 held in Mumbai. She also enjoys a great fan following on other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Sonali is not only living her dream of doing some big events and projects of dancing but also conducting a lot of dancing workshops to help others realize their dream of dance. She overcame every obstacle coming on her way and lead a perfect example for others to follow her journey and never give on your dreams.

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