In a woman's life, jewellery plays a more important role than what you might have envisaged. Tasteful necklace set and pendant set for example, do not remain confined within the ambit of bridal jewelry. Here are inspirations on what to buy for different occasions.

Gifts after Graduation

Graduation is one of the first and foremost milestones that a girl ever reaches in her life. To emirates and grace the occasion, there is nothing like gifting a pendant set. They are affordable and classy. Pearl remains the standard choice for graduation gifts. After all, it signifies the maturity of a woman of substance.

Gifts before Marriage

Very few occasions in your life can be as special as getting hitched. As the groom, you might want something special to gift your significant other. A classic diamond pendant, in this case, can be the perfect pick. You can also think of platinum rings, small studs or anything cute and classy that defines your taste, as well as your love for her.

Gifts after Marriage

Keeping the question of bridal jewelries apart, you can also think of gifting something unique to the new lady on the house. As the would-be on laws, you do feel that for every bride, the time of entering her new home can be somewhat emotionally trying. She is going to start a new life with people whom she might not know that well. To help her make a bit comfortable, and also to show your love for her, think of something that suits her style and comfort. For example, if she is a working lady, then you might want to give a sleek bracelet or a tasteful pendant set that she can wear at work. You can also give her jewelries made from metals that she would love. If she does not like gold, then think of platinum, silver, or mix metals. Mix up of rose gold and yellow gold, as for example, is pretty in-trend now. The bottom line is to give her something that she can wear regularly, and would not keep in the bank locker along with most of her wedding jewelries.

Wedding Gifts for the Girl

If you want to give something like a necklace set to a very dear girl who is getting married soon, then you can choose from a number of options. From the expensive navaratna necklaces, kundans and temple jewelries to the relatively economical mangalsutras, lightweight chains and small, uniquely designed pieces, there are plentiful choices to go for.

Gifts for Birthdays

Everyone has them once in a year. Every girl wants their special days to be celebrated with panache and elan. It could be a beautiful day to convey your feelings for her or to show your appreciation, unspoken. From cute pendant set to classic necklace set, the choice can be endless. You need not to go overboard with your budget. You can just pick cute studs or drops made from her birthstone. An infinity-shaped pendant can also be a symbol of everlasting love.

Gift on Mother's Day

Your mother is the heart of the family. This Mother's Day, why not express your love for her with a beautiful piece of jewelry? Preferably, go for a necklace set that contains the birthstones of all the members of your family. Otherwise, a very delicate, highly feminine pearl drop can also be a great idea.

Gifts for Baby Shower

She is bearing her bundle of joy with a smile on her face, despite all the pain that she is going through. On her baby shower, she deserves a cherishing piece of jewelry as a token of love, appreciation and wishes.

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