Do you want to accomplish something using your smartphone? You can surely find an app for that today. In particular, if you need help in caring for an elderly loved one, there are different mobile apps that are perfect for you.

These apps can assist you in doing elderly caring tasks. For example, you can find one that can help you keep medical records and other vital documents. Some can alert you about medication schedule as well.

Mobile apps that your elderly loved ones can use are also available. These can assist them to do certain tasks. For example, some apps can help them identify objects and colours. Thus, they don’t have to ask you about these things every now and then.

You probably have your own smartphone, thus these apps can fit your preference well. Moreover, a 2016 research shows 79% of seniors in Australia have accessed the internet. Thus, it’s probably easy for you to introduce these apps to your loved ones.

Mobile Apps for Caregivers of Seniors

The following mobile apps are perfect for your caregiving tasks. These can make you function more efficiently and conveniently. These apps can guide you with vital info as well:

1. Caregiving Support Apps

You want to have enough ideas on how to properly take care of a senior, especially if it’s your first time doing so. Thus, a mobile app that provides support for caregivers like you can help a lot.

These apps introduce you to a community of caregivers for seniors. Having this platform, you can easily ask for ideas when necessary. Some apps even have online support staff that can provide professional help.

2. Reminder App

You have a simple reminder app on your phone, right? However, reminder apps specifically for caregiving can do more.

For example, you can install a copy of such an app in their phone to monitor medicine intake. Then, register their phone as the one receiving care.

When it’s time to take medicine, the app can alert your loved one through notifications such as a buzzing effect or a sound. In addition, they can notify you through the app if they are done taking the medication.

3. Records and Document Compiling Apps

Caring for a senior means you need to handle plenty of documents. These include medical records, prescriptions, insurance, financial papers, receipts and identification papers among many other documents.

The good news is that some apps can help you store vital information from such documents. The app usually requires you to create a note or list. However, some can allow you to import scanned documents as well.

This way, you can easily present info about your loved one when necessary.

Mobile Apps for your Elderly Loved Ones

Aside from apps that can make you function better as a carer, you can also download some that can directly assist seniors. This can help them move independently and can lift some tasks off your shoulders.

1. Virtual Assistant App

You know about Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Windows’ Cortana, or the Google Assistant, right? Yes, you can surely use them to help a senior!

These apps can let your elderly loved one use their mobile devices conveniently. That’s quite useful, especially that you need to install some other apps in their phones.

Some of these apps can even let seniors send text messages without typing. That’s a huge relief for seniors who suffer from mobility problems with their hands. In addition, you can also connect these apps to other smart devices. Having this feature, you can let your loved one function at home with minimum assistance, such as switching the lights and controlling the thermostat.

2. Image Recognition Apps

Helping seniors with visual impairment, these apps can help seniors identify an object or its properties. They just need to capture a photo of an object and then import or upload it to the app. When the app recognizes the object, it tells the user about its properties, such as its colour.

Some of these apps have online support staff as well. Your loved one can have somebody to ask about a specific object through such a service.

3. GPS or Locator Apps

These apps can help seniors who have memory impairments remember or know their location. Some can help them find a missing object, too. That’s definitely helpful for seniors who experience memory problems.

A GPS app can tell an elderly loved one their exact location. If you have it connected to your car, it can help them when they forget where they’ve parked.

You can also buy locator apps that come with detectable chips. For example, you can stick the chip to your loved one’s umbrella. If they forget where they place their umbrella, they can find it using the locator app. Subsequently, they can press the chip on the object as well, so they can find their phone when lost.

Look for the Apps that Fit you and the Senior you care!

Do you feel you need a bit of help in caring for an elderly loved one? Find the right apps that are perfect for your needs! The apps mentioned above are only a few of the best you can get; however, they can certainly help you and your loved one a lot.

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Adam Jones is an aged care professional. In his free time, he blogs about the best standards for in-home and respite care for seniors in reputable centres. Goes without saying, these are seniors have liked their packages and are doing well under their care.