Should you want to take up a dil kursu and learn the English tongue, there are many wonderful places where you can do this. Why not choose one of the yurtdisi dil okullari where English is the native language? This way you will be mingling on a day to day basis with native English speakers.

The first and most obvious choice is England. This is where the language originated. Surprisingly, you will find within the British Isles that every English speaking person does not sound the same. Depending on where in the Islands that you study, you will find very different accents. The most obvious differences are found in places such as Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Even within England itself you will find quite considerable differences. In London, you may find the biggest variety of accents of all as this is a truly cosmopolitan city.

However, even though you will find such a variety of ways that the local inhabitants speak, you will find at the best dil okullari that the teachers usually tend to speak the most basic and unaccented English.

The quality of the dil egitimi is typically of the highest standard and you will find yourself with a qualification that not only allows you to write correctly, but also to speak with confidence and colloquially, so that you are able to blend in comfortably with most of United Kingdom English speakers.

This is the ideal place to go if you are planning a career in Britain or perhaps intending to study at one of their universities.

If you are expecting to spend a lot of time in the United States, you may be wise to choose one of the dil okullari for your studies in that country. In this way you will, from the beginning, start attuning you ear to the continent of North America’s very different accents. The diverse accents in the North American continent do not differ to the extent that they do in Britain, but you will still notice some variation in different parts of the country, and even in different cities.

The United States and Canada host dil okullari that rate among the best anywhere. They also have great universities and students who plan to study at one of them can confidently enrol in an American dil kursu, in preparation.

It is always a good idea to become accustomed to the speech accents of the type of English speakers that you plan to mix most with in the future. The same applies to cultural differences. Superficially the English speakers the world over may seem similar to outsiders, but you will very soon begin to notice, when you mingle with the people, that there are indeed differences.

Many words and terms and slang are used differently, and hobbies, sports, recreational activities, holidays, music, art, movies, politics, and even basic attitudes can vary from one English speaking country to the next.

Of course, it is not always necessary to be involved in day to day mixing with local English speakers in their native land in order to learn comfortable communication with English speakers.

If you choose a country like Malta, you will mix with people from all over the world. Plenty of English is spoken locally there, and you can brush up on other European and Middle Eastern languages at the same time if language skills are your strength.

You may even decide to go to the European continent or to Asia, where you will hear English as well as many other tongues. This can be a really interesting experience for anyone who longs to see and experience all parts of the world.

For those who simply cannot leave home for financial or family reasons or because they need to continue full time with their careers, look around you and you will quite easily find a really high quality dil okulu not too far away.

You may rest assured that whatever language you are studying, your dil egitimi at a good dil okulu will be taught by a teacher proficient in the language.

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