The concept of fashion, since the time of its inception, has served to influence society.

While being something of a personal nature for individuals to show their tastes and preferences, fashion has a strong presence as an influencer in our society. Fashion is flexible and enormously reflective; for it mirrors the social trends through its clothing and sometimes, even the fabric. One can guess an entire era just by looking at the clothes and styles of that time. Fashion is also a tool for the liberation of the self from the constraints of society, while also serving as a means for self-expression. It acts as an impetus, affecting the dynamics of the world as a force making things move or occur swiftly. Fashion can be used as a tool for protesting against a social wrong while also being used to spread social messages. This is mostly done through the creation of slogan t-shirts or graphic t-shirts. These t-shirts have an image or a slogan on them, which is socially relevant.

The more eye-catching the image or the slogan is made, the more attention it gets, and thereby, more people are influenced by it. Since it evolves with time, fashion can be adapted to any era or any phase of the world. For instance, fashion can be very well adapted to the Coronavirus pandemic currently ongoing throughout the world. Since individuals have to be out of their houses for work and other essential reasons and social-distancing being the rule of the day, clothes (t-shirts particularly) could have social-distancing messages printed on them that would be visible to the public eye. These slogans could be crafted to be quirky, funny yet exuding a sense of social responsibility also. Retail sales would see quite a boost with these Best Coronavirus Pandemic T-shirts being released in the market. Another twist to this idea would be t-shirts with slogans or pictures of the coronavirus pandemic, depicting the life of the people in the middle of the pandemic. All of these, while being a definite style statement, also works for spreading social awareness and reminding people of their duty.

Now, an argument could be made because why are we, conscious citizens, thinking about fashion- when there is a pandemic ravaging the society? While it is true that, since the beginning of the lockdown, celebrities and fashion influencers have generously dispensed tips on how to own the 'Work From Home' look; it is also true that this might come across as frivolous, if not outright insensitive, in the light of people quite literally fighting to survive and living a completely hand-to-mouth existence. That being said, fashion brands and influencers could use their clout in a more socially responsible manner to make the citizenry understand the importance of social distancing and home quarantines through the clothes they wear, that is to say, through modeling t-shirts with pandemic and Coronavirus related messages and images on them. This would work on two levels— one is modeling a new trend, and the other being, spreading continued and consistent awareness.

So, what are you thinking about?
Check out the collections of best Coronavirus pandemic t-shirts available and be a socially responsible, quirky-dressed citizen!

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