It is wide known how much children like to play grownups and one part of this kind of games is the makeover. Makeover games have numerous variants and fashion makeovers are most popular when it is about girls. Girls simply love to dress up like someone else, like some person they find interesting for them, or some person that they have imagined.

Good thing about the makeover games is that children usually do not need to buy some particular things. With little imagination, clothing, make-up and accessories from home can be adapted for every makeover. Perhaps the only bad thing about it is that there could be a real mess left after the makeover games, but if the parent explains to the children that they must clean it, probably everything is going to be all right.

Here are three simple fashion related makeover games for children.

The first game can be called “Manicure Race”. Girls love fake nails and that’s why this game is going to be interesting for them. For this game, you need a box of sand and sets of 10 fake nails putted in it. Every set should be in different color, and each child has the task to look for a specific color. All children begin searching at the same time, and when a child finds a nail, she must put it on her finger, and continues searching. Each girl should find all the nails, and the first who has the entire set of nails on her fingers, is the winner.

Next game is for girls, but also for boys. This is a real race in some way. The children should be divided in two teams and every team should have a pile of clothes. There is a starting line and make-up station, positioned about 10 yards from the starting line. At this make-up station children should have an assortment of make-up such as eye shadow, blush and lipstick. One child starts to dress, matching of the clothes is not important, and starts to run to the make-up station where he or she must apply the make-up without using a mirror. Then the child runs back to the starting line, takes of the clothes and the next child has to repeat the process. The team whose members complete the race first wins.

Real fashion shows are usually drafted as events that abound dramatics in the process of introducing new styles. Interesting for children could be to create a twist where they should wear silly dresses. For these makeover games should be provided an assortment of clothing and accessories and vintage or retro clothing is fun for children. For this humorous fashion show, children should be divided into pairs and one child do the dress and make-up to the other child, in a way to look sillier as possible. When the show starts, children walk down on an improvised runway and show their new look. The children who were making the silly look, explain how it was done.

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