Lori Anne Allison was born on September 6, 1957 in United States of America. She is the most talented, sensational and cheerful make-up artist and a good actress. At the age of eight Lori developed her interest in cutting and hair styling her dolls but as she grew she wanted to focus on music so she wanted to be recording producer but an accident made her lose her hearing strength of left ear which shattered her dream of being recording producer, but she never lost her faith, her early practice helped her to be a very successful makeup artist. Allison started working at the age of 13 in a boutique from where she excelled fully into her career and became a successful make-up artist.

Lori Anne Allison’scareer began after moving to New York City, with the help of her friends Adam Ant and Christina Applegate. Adam offered her an opportunity to work on her first film and play whereas Christiana gave Lori her first professional make-up kit and her first job within the television Community. Lori was offered work from professional photographers and upcoming photographers who featured their demands in Loris' hands for the styles and this transitionedLori to the professional makeup artist.


Lori was married to Johnny Depp in 1983, at the time of marriage Lori was 25 and Johnny was 20 the marriage did not last for long and ended up with Divorce in 1985and they parted their ways due to irreconcilable differences.

Johnny Depp is a popular actor and most popularly known for its character JACK SPARROW FROM ‘THE PIRATES OF CARRIBEAN’ the couple does not have children together as the relationship lasted for a shorter period, rumors of Johnny Depp’s extramarital affair with twin peaks actress Sherlyn Fenn shook the foundation of the relationship with Lori. Despite 32 years of couples separation with each other, they are still in a long friendly and healthy relationship. Lori always supported Johnny Depp in every aspect as she can.


The estimated net worth of hers is $1 million the decent amount she has earned from her welled up Career of makeup styling and fashion designing

She received huge alimony after divorce from her husband Johnny Depp i.e. $ 7 million

She owns two minor companies SERENDIPITY LIP GLOSSES IN FEB 2015 AND DC UPS. She is also a freelance make-up artist advising people on make-up styles and its ton of clients keeps her busy.

Lori Anne Allison is active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, she flaunts her public life and is never away from media when it’s to shadow being the ex-wife of the handsome hunk

She is a brilliant make-up artist, immensely famous also known for being a very good actor, not touched with any rumors, she is neither married nor in any relationship at the age of 61she looks really young and takes great care of herself by following a proper diet and doing yoga.

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Despite of 32 years of couple’sseparation with each other they are still in long friendly and healthy relationship. Lori always supported Johnny Depp in every aspects as she can.