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Being skinny guy can come with many perks! You might be more agile and athletic than your average beefed up friend. Also you might squeeze into that seat without any struggle, and have the chic look to you that is very attractive to the ladies. However, like every body type, a skinny guy might have to take the sharp end, when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit. If you are a skinny guy who is all ears for some handy fashion tips, listen up!

Skinny Guy Fashion Tips!

Avoid ‘fragile’ clothes

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Accept it. Wearing a shirt which is too big is not going to make you look bulkier! It will further emphasize on how skinny you are, making you look frail. Same goes with clothes which are too small. Know your perfect fit, and stick to your size. Keep the dimensions in mind, and know that a better fitting outfit will look better anyway, then an outfit which is too big or too small. You don’t want to look physically weaker, do you? Thus, stay away from oversized and bulky clothes.

Layer Up

Play up the textures and add multiple layers to your outfit. This will give your outfit more depth, giving it an instant visual lift. Stick to a coordinating color family and remember to start from a lighter texture and work your way to a heavier one. The art of layering might take some practice but is undoubtedly a useful art to learn.

Know your Fabrics

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Choose fabric which instantly adds volume, like denim, tweed, flannel or corduroy. This gives the visual illusion of one having more bulk than a smooth fabric will. Another good idea is to add clothes which have a bit more texture than the usual. This means chunky knits instead of the thinner knits and a puffer jacket as opposed to a slim-fit one. When everything confuses you, stick to textured fabrics such as Flannel, Denim, Corduroy, and Tweed.

Mind the Colors

Slim guy in darker colors

Generally be mindful about the colors that you use. The colors which are towards the lighter side of the color palette makes the most sense when it comes to a skinny guy. Just like dark colors have a slimming effect, the lighter colors have the opposite effect, helping you to bulk up! So take your pick from the whites, beiges, or pastels.

Mind the Patterns

skinny guy in patterned T-shirt

Patterns also play a pivotal role in making you look skinnier or bulkier! So opt for horizontal stripes, smaller patterns and checks and plaid. It can add visual heft to your body, making you look stronger and less cumbersome. Horizontal lines, gingham and graph checks are your best bets when it comes to patterns. If you opt for T-shirts, then keep away from V-necks and instead pick crew necks. It will thus complement your body type better.

Fashion is more about natural style and self-expression than anything else. We hope these tips helped you to be more confident in that body and sport the latest styles with confidence without any inhibition. We are all born into different body shapes, and the best we can do is to accept the way we are while using the little tips and tricks to look our best!

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