Fashion changes from time to time, from season to season. We all wish to look trendy and fashionable, when facing a group for functions or parties. There is a basic human philosophy that if you think you look good you will feel good. Here in this article we are going to discuss about some of the most happening fashion trends of 2012.

Fabrics can be said as your perfect buddy in summer and springs. The comfort they give is just heavenly. One of the most popular color tones of 2012 spring is mint green. From the fashion shows at Paris to Delhi they are trendy everywhere. Black is the color which will never lose its elite status. You can go out in a black outfit in any season or time. Black color is trendy and at the same time executive. The deadly combination of black and white has always been the favorites of designers all over the world. They love to experiment on various shades of the primary colors. If you have some bucks in your wallet then there is plenty for you to choose from. Women in India have turned back to traditional clothes like sarees with dark colors and attractive designs.

Commerce simply means buying and selling of goods. Nowadays a new term has come into existence, the ecommerce. What is exactly ecommerce? Ecommerce is simply the same buying and selling of goods but via online. The money can be paid as online transactions or cash on delivery. It is just simple as buying from a shop or even simpler. In a few mouse clicks you will get the stuff you desire in your home. In case of online payment generally there are 3 options. Via PayPal account, credit card and online banking. Any one of these transactional methods can be used to purchase online. All these are secure but you have to look out whether they are using the secure path for online transaction that is, using “https” before the URL. Nowadays, the internet has millions of online shopping stores that provide wide offers so as to be more reigned and competitive than other sites. There are also means to communicate with people all over the world and know all about them, their life styles and fashion trends. Fashion is not limited to a specific region or a landscape. Since it is global now different trends are originating and old ones are deteriorating quickly.

In this spring season half sleeves are the most common ones. They come in vivid designs and color patterns. The main theme will be something related to spring and the describing the beauty of the season. Spring is called as the king of all seasons, the best in fact with its pleasant climate. Jeans and lose pants are generally preferred in this season.

There will be some outfits which are perfect for all seasons such as the shirt. Trendy designs have been imprinted in shirts nowadays. While choosing a shirt always try to chose a light colored one. Always remember one thing, the primary factor while choosing a dress should be comfort not fashion.

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