Traditional bikinis are slowly giving way to more robust and appealing swimwear for women with several health and physical benefits. It is manufactured with micro tan fabric, which is exceptional in its ability to thwart harmful UVA and UVB rays while allowing the beneficial sunrays to pass through numerous pores in the bikini. The newly introduced Tan Through Bikini for women allows 98% protection against the full exposure of sun rays. Although the bikini can be worn at any time of the day, the company advises its customers to stay away from the excessive rays of the sun. So to optimize the red light exposure, you can sunbathe between early morning to 10 am and from 3 am till sunset. It is understood, that all spectrums of light have positive effects if enjoyed in moderation. If you make a routine of your sunbathing activities according to the above, then you get less tan line than you would otherwise. The beneficial rays of the sun pass through the fabric, which has been designed, to allow multiple wavelengths of sunlight. The fabric contains thousands of pores that allow the red light to evenly penetrate the skin surface and the cells and nourish them. It is revealed through studies that the red light from the sun has specific wavelengths and is therefore necessary for our skin.

The red lights from the sun are akin to the red light therapy that is popular worldwide due to its health benefits. Similarly, the swimsuits from QIKINI have been proving successful for several thousands of women who love an even tan, without specific tan lines.

Feel Joyfully Naked without Exposing

The real beauty of the new Tan Through Swimwear is that it makes you feel happily naked without actually exposing your private parts to others. Due to sun filtering into its micro-perforations, you get a uniform golden tan that can raise eyebrows in appreciation anywhere. QIKINI swimwear, unlike traditional bikinis, enhances your body's absorption of Vitamin D, which is, a crucial nutrient for maintaining healthy teeth and bones.

If you browse the QIKINI website, you will find that they have numerous designs on display, and you can choose from thin types, medium exposure to full coverage pants. You also get to view the prices next to their pictures, and wearing one can transform you into a beauty god. But the biggest benefit will be your health as the bikini will become your ideal choice for getting the maximum Vitamin D.

The company has regularly updated the bikinis and has done phenomenal research in this area. It has brought out specially designed swimsuits that allow for direct exposure of the breast and genital areas to the filtered positive wave lengths without exposing the areas to others on the beach.

Yet one of the most interesting features of the QIKINI swimwear is that it is proven to dry up 7 times faster than traditional swimwear. Hence, if you are planning to just travel around after a good swim with your friends, this Tan Through Swimwear will dry within minutes, and you can enjoy the rest of the journey in peace. It means you face little risk of UTIs that can cause much discomfort.

Other Health Benefits from QIKINI Swimwear

Apart from the generous flow of Vitamin D, you can get several other benefits if you use the swimwear regularly. Of course, the benefits may vary from person and their overall health before they start to use the swimwear. Generally, for a healthy woman, it improves their energy significantly and enhances their libido. It also promotes anti-proliferative activities, increases the blood flow, and improves the circadian rhythm. It aids in healing your wounds and stimulates more ATP production within your mitochondria.

The company conveys all matters regarding the quality of its bikini to its customers and general audience worldwide in a frank and professional way. It makes sure, that no information on the material or the pictures tells a different story to the potential customers or visitors on its website.

Instead of their professional and ethical conduct, the company has also pointed out certain illusions that may cause the visitors who view the displayed Women’s Tan Through Swimwear on their site. They deny outright the complete disappearance of the tan lines effect and this is because you don't lie naked on the beaches for the effect to take place. Again, they state that you can get the closest experience to nudity without disclosing the same to outsiders.

They also point out that their swimsuits are designed through carefully crafted patterns that do not expose your private parts in any way. There may be some illusion in the displayed photos and this may differ from its actual appearance and will never lower your modesty.

You can get more information if you browse their website, or contact their customer center through phone.

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