Are you like many others around the world waiting to see when we will get back to our normal routines? How is the pandemic affecting your financial life? You don’t even have to answer because I already know the answer. However, the good thing is that the Internet did not take a break. It is still up and running. Thank heavens for that! There are still fast money opportunities online to which you can take advantage of. My name is Cheryline and like you, my family and I have been affected by the pandemic in more ways than one, but the most positive outcome is that we are still alive. I hope you and your family remain safe.

The Fading Income

I am a Freelance Writer/Researcher and so I have always been at home working online. I am still forging ahead; even though, some things have gotten a little slower than I would have wanted them to. In my quest to supplement my fading income since the pandemic, I have found other ways to make fast money online. One of the ways is through surveys, apps, web design, posting ads, Youtube videos and joining a membership training site to improve my skills. I found that the surveys and apps were fast money online, but they didn’t pay as much as it would take for a substantial income, but it did help to buy food and those smaller necessities. And so, I am eternally grateful for that.

Going Freelance

I got a few web design jobs that my son referred to me and I am yet to post my gig on places like Craigslist, People Per Hour and other similar Freelance sites, but I am thinking of doing that soon. This is probably something you could do, if you had a specific skill or skills and these Freelance Sites are free to join. There are other sites like, and You can go to and search for terms like “work from home gigs” or “work from home jobs.” However, you have to be careful of scams while doing your search.

Surveys and Apps

I tried different survey sites and apps, which did work, but as mentioned before, these worked on a much smaller scale. Some of those sites include and If you go to or, you will be able to find more information on how these programs work, but for the most part, they are well known to pay you to complete short surveys, watch videos and play games. You can do most of the tasks on your mobile phone and most of the survey sites allow people from all over the globe to participate.

Membership Site

Currently, the site making me fast money is the Empire Free Traffic System. Out of all the things I have tried so far, I am earning at least $2030 per month with this fast money program and my income is growing. And, what I liked about it is that I only had to pay $2 to sign up and even after the 14 day trial, I was hooked. The money I am making now pays for the continued training on this fast money membership site. The monthly membership is only $37, but it pays for itself over and over again.  I also like the fact that this has the potential to grow to as much fast money as I want every month. I am planning on working to make my income $5000 per month within the next few months and it seems like I am on track to do so. More importantly, this is passive income and so I do the work once and then I can make fast money while I sleep. How good is that?

Final Summary

I wanted to share my story with you because I know there are so many people hurting from the pandemic and don’t know where to turn. I hope my openness and honesty will give you the urge to find out more about any of these fast money opportunities online and take action as soon as possible so that you and your family can benefit from it while you wait for normalcy to return. All the best to you; whatever you choose to do. But, you have nothing to lose by taking action and getting the results like I did.

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Usman Tariq