Perception System is a leading PHP Development Company with big applauds in the market for its high quality PHP code and efficiencies of outputs. It is because we used to follow the best coding practices prevailing in PHP development market and follow international standards

Seasoned web programmers hate PHP against other programming technologies. Reasons seem logical because each coin has two facets, one looks good while another ugly.

The ugly face of PHP has following characteristics: PHP is suffering from constant bends, hacks, twists, and stretches in various aspects including syntax, architecture, and paradigms. It is often buggy and inconsistent. Each version of PHP comes with unique features, warts, and quirks. It makes tracking of issues daunting. However, the worst thing is Internet is filled up with numerous different solutions from old to new for a single problem that confuse the developer a lot.

The same issues we have observed in the case of PHP developers working here in Perception System. Therefore, we have decided to issue the best guide that gives complete direction to mitigate the said issues. The detailed guide is for the internal usage, but I have given some outlines herein benefits of my readers. Of course, don’t misunderstand it as a PHP tutorial, problem-solving guide, security guide, or advocate of certain coding style/pattern/framework guide.

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Tarang Vyas, CTO at Perception System, a leading PHP Development Company, founded in 2001.