Staying updated with latest current affairs is not merely imperative for students but also vital for each section of people whether young, old, child and adults. Therefore, people always try to get access to the latest information about their surroundings, national and international. When it comes to present or broadcast the news, media channels pursue proper strategy such as dividing the news as per the territory such as Europe news, Asia news, and other section of the world news. It benefits to the reader or viewer to understand and categorise the news properly while grasping the contents. Overall there are multiple benefits of accessing the news categorically whether it is America news or India news.

When the entire news section is disseminated into several parts as per the geographical location as well as other factors, it gives more focused news to the viewers and readers. The most two popular form of news delivery is print media as well as electronic media. Thus both of them have to carry their responsibility to deliver unbiased news to the people by editing it properly. Most of the media professional collect the news in raw form then edit it as per the importance of the news to deliver to the viewers and readers. When it comes to the America news or other country news, media should be unbiased so that people can easily get true and relevant news regarding their country as well international market.

Asia News must cover some countries of the continents such as India, Pakistan, china and others. However, it has been divided in more sections such as India news, Pakistan news and then more. On the other hand Europe news consists of different countries.

Thus, overall, development of the Europe news or other continent news delivery process moves gradually but precisely. Everyone wants proper news of multiple sections such as sports news, health news, political news, entertainment news and others. However, mode of accessing Asia news or other continents news also plays vital role as nowadays internet is the best platform of having latest news. There are multiple online news portals available over the web that provides news minute by minute to their visitors including their perspectives on the news. Mobile phone is another aspect of having access to the latest America news, India news, china news and other country news instantly on the phone whether via web or by SMS service. Most of the telephone network service provides SMS service to stay updated with latest information and news

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