People always seek the fastest way to burn fat and they are willing to try various methods to achieve it. Of course, you can lose weight at lightning speed by using strict fasting program, but most of it will be water loss, not fat loss. If getting rid of the excess fat is your aim, don’t rely on any promise of “instant result” or “quick fix” because most of them will merely make you lose weight and regain it again. Throw away the “instant solution” mindset and start put your effort on something that have proven to generate real result: well designed diet and exercise.

Diet aside, people always complaining about how they don’t have time for exercising. Well, we’re living in a busy world, especially if you’ve married, with kids and job to take care of; so here are a couple of things that you can do to cut your exercise time without reducing its effectiveness:

1. Cardio exercise is the fastest way to burn fat, but you won’t gain anything significant if you stick to slow pace cardio such as steady slow jog or walk. Instead, focus on interval training where you keep switching between high intensity and low intensity training.

Example: if you are jogging, try alternating between short time sprint and steady pace jog. If you’re biking, choose area where you can bike uphill and downhill where uphill is the high intensity and downhill biking is the low intensity.

You’ll notice that you can’t do this for long period because it’s very tiring, but you gain a lot more benefits than longer slow cardio session.

2. Keep training specific part of your body is a bad idea and that kind of exercise won’t burn fat quickly. This means instead of keep training your abs, you should train your whole body. Usually, people make this mistake because they are in a hurry to get rid of their belly fat. The right thing to do here is picking various exercises that train different part of your body such as squats, push ups, raise legs, rows, etc.

3. Do not spend 10 minutes warm up on your stationary bike. Instead, use bodyweight exercises circuit with fewer repetitions. Some good examples are push ups, squats, and planks.

4. Choose two exercises that train different muscle groups such as bodyweight step-ups and stick-ups, and then do 8 reps of each exercise without rest. After that, rest for 30 seconds and repeat the whole “superset” two more times. By selecting two different exercises, one muscle group can rest while the other is working.

Diet pills, gadgets, and fitness machines are not the fastest way to burn fat; the real way is learning healthy eating habit that including nutritious foods in your meal plan and keep exercising regularly by utilizing time-efficient workouts. You can cut your workout time drastically by applying four tricks that I’ve mentioned above; that way, you can spend less time for your exercise and spend the rest doing something else.

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