Gone are the days when people find smaller waist and bigger hips, let me tell you why, because the diet and lifestyle has changed drastically over a period of time. In earlier era, women are seen as a perfect picture of these two combination i.e.; smaller waist and bigger hips. So everyone wants to shape their body in this pattern only.

Now the question arises how to shape your body covering you waist smaller and hips bigger? The answer to this question is by doing regular toning exercises and maintaining the diet obviously, both of them have equal value at their own.
Let me explain you more precisely, if you will eat more calorize food, fats,
Cholesterol will be automatically goes up and automatically fat will be logged at the mid-level section so to regulate the body your plan needs some customization and high intensity toning yields will lead you in transforming your waistline slimmer and hips wider.

So I will take you to the easiest solution for problem discussed above and the solution is HYPERLINK exercise bands. Now I will take you to the term stated earlier.

Exercise Band is a basically an elastic band which is mostly used for strength making exercises in order to develop the immunity. They are significantly used in muscular injuries, physical therapy and cardiac rehab patients. The bands composition involves surgical tubing which is very flexible and efficient to use.

This bands are color based as different colors indicates the different level of resistance that a user needs to have. Code colors vary with brands so chose them very precisely. They are very light weighted and simple to use so it has no portability issue, you can carry where you want.

Coming to the strategies to attain this benchmark is elucidated given below:

Workout to be followed:
What exactly the women need
You will carry one exercise band with yourself and select the resistance level according to your comfort level if you are new to the workout plan.

How to perform
Follow the workout for about 30-35 minutes in alternate days a week
Which includes 2 sets of 15 repetitions of every exercise, afterwards do around 60 minutes of walking, biking, and swimming to 5 times a week with balanced diet.

Tone as much as you can
Always check your band before making a move that it is not sagged or taut. Always go for the movements that you can control while performing.
Taking a scenario if a move is difficult to perform please do it without using the exercise bands so that reaction will be less.

The Closure:
With exercise bands I can assure you completely that doing regular toning workouts has become easier and burden free. Grab the opportunity as soon as possible to change your posture.

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