You can lose 20 lbs of body fat within 30 days though optimizing of these factors: exercise, diet and drug/supplement regimen. Below are four simple rules which you can follow but for those clients who seek to get healthy meals delivered to them, they can do so via certified services.

Avoid ‘White Carbohydrates’

Ensure you avoid white carbohydrate. Those foods are limited apart for within 1.5 hours of terminating a resistance training program of at least 20 minutes in length. This entail: rice, bread, cereal, potatoes, fried food with breading and pasta. If you limit eating, these white foods you will be safe.

Eat Few Similar Meals Repeatedly

This is done by a majority of successful dieters despite whether their target is muscle gain or fat loss. You should mix and match combining each meal with one food of three following groups of food:


Egg whites consisting whole egg for flavor
Grass-fed organic beef

Chicken breast or thigh

Pinto beans

Black beans

Mixed vegetables

You should eat much as you like of the above food substances. Ensure you keep it simple upon repeating three or four meals.

Majority of people who take low carbohydrate diets complain of minimal energy and relinquish not because those kinds of diets don't work, but it is because they take low calories. For instance, ½ cup of rice is 300 calories while a ½ cup of spinach consists of 15 calories. Note, vegetables are not calorically dense thus it is essential for you to add legumes for caloric load.

Don’t Drink Calories

Ensure you drink massive volumes of water, tea, unsweetened iced tea, coffee and diet sodas without white cream, other no-calories or low-calorie beverages of your choice.

Take One Day Off Per Week

Ensure you exercise regularly and if possible take a one day off every week. Spiking caloric intake once every week enhances fat loss by ensuring that your metabolic rate like thyroid function does not under regulate from other caloric restrictions. Thus, it is ok to eat pure crap, and this will help you lose fat.

Fat Loss Strategies

Now you know what to do, you need to make it easy to apply for above fat loss tips by following some of below strategies:

  • Prepare Food in Advance. Prepare your food for the day on waking up after getting back from your work.
  • Make Double Portions.  This speeds preparation. Prepare half for lunch and the other portion for dinner.
  • Eat the Same Every Day. Eradicating of choice kills cravings and avoids taking unnecessary foods by fueling for your body. Ensure you change it every three weeks.
  • Eat at Fixed Times.  You should never wait until you get hungry. Eat every 3 hours to build consistency.
  • Take Food with You.  Ensure you carry food to ensure you eat foods to make you lose fat.
  • Eat Before Going Out. Taking before you leave home ensures you avoid taking junk food.
  • Track Progress for Motivation. These entail pictures, body fat, strength gains, and measurements. Focus for 2-3% loss per month upon using a fat caliper.
  • Buy Healthy Foods Only. This should be enough for your entire week to ensure you stick to your fat loss strategy.
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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.